[CANON][RP Episode] The end of the Rogue War


Lyrien cut in shortly after Gaius stopped.

‘‘I shan’t demand reparations from the battles we fought. This is war, people died on both sides. Those who sent these men to their deaths are to be held responsible for it, and it is only they that should compensate the families who are at loss.’’

She paused for a moment.
’‘However. After Valkoria was pushed from The Neck region, it was ruthlessly bombarded by an unknown force, a rogue participant? Who or what are these things who came to your aid that do not even have the courage to make themselves known to us, or come here to face us after what they have done?! Were you Valkorians so desperate to get back at us you called these rogues to bomb us in to oblivion, killing your people we have rescued from your ships as well?!’’


Gaius frowned.

”I have some important information for you Archon. If you recall, the Shahdom of Kaveh vanished sometime ago, people, weapons, everything. This the desert nation in question. It appears they have returned, led by a hot headed young man that was raised in my city by one of my Legates. Now it appears he has forgotten the ways of honor that were taught him, attacking without provocation or warning. We must speak of this later, Archon. I will tell you now however, that I do not condone such an attack despite having the opportunity to make a similar one upon Danheim, and an horrified at the random destruction for no apparent reason. Such work is not fitting of an ally, more of a brigand.”


‘‘The act was carried in aid of you, without question. This is no game, but i like to think even in war, there are rules of decency that apply. Kleriel would have never agreed to a war in which we would be fighting an enemy we could not touch, and as such, to us, those deaths, the destruction, it was unfair, and we feel cheated. Kleriel demands compensations be made for such trickery, we do not care from whom.’’


Wesley looked shocked
" Whatever supplies you need Archon will be sent if wanted, atlest to assists to limit your people’s suffering" wesley said
" may the gods watch over your people " Frej said looking just as shocked over the news


Another frown.

”You say there were Valkorian captives among the slain?”


‘‘Yes, we fished them out of the sea when their ships have been sunk after the battle. There are others that still live. We took care of them.’’ she replied in confidence.


”35% is what I am offering. Anything more and I might as well be funding your fleet.” Gaius said after a minute of deliberation.


Lyrien frowned.
’‘100% is what i will settle for. If your side cannot pay for their treachery in coin, then Kleriel is willing to take your battleships from you to cover the losses our fleet endured instead. Your choice.’’


Gaius laughed.

”If the roles had been reversed, I doubt you would hand over your airships to cover my losses. Danheim has agreed to aid you, and I will pay the 35%. Anything more will have to come from the Shah himself, which I can arrange.”


Lyrien sighed.
’‘Very well. Apologies for being so confrontational. True, i would not, and i should not hold you responsible for something you did not do, or ask for. I thank you for your contribution. However, this does not mean Kaveh will be pardoned…’’


The sound of gritted teeth could be heard.

”No it does not.”

Gaius regained his composure.

”As for the pattern of nations, I shall not wage war upon the north unless provoked. In that scenario, I ask that Kleriel remain neutral. Especially considering I have no interest here beyond protecting my people from the depredations of marauders. Peace is a lovely thing, but if Danheim continues to hunt my people because of their height, then there can be no peace.”


‘‘Kleriel will always aid Danheim, and vice versa, as long as we maintain our pact of mutual defence. Up until now, our pact has kept the south in its place, in the south.’’

Lyrien then turned to Wesley.
’‘Though i will not suffer another war because of your people’s arrogance, Deniro. You will cancel whatever bounties you have on them, and you will cease your murderous religious preaching. Your people will not raid in the south, they will not sail to the south, and you won’t even think of the south any longer.’’


“You misunderstand me,” the Emperor said with a slow smile, "That was not a call for mere restraint on the part of Danheim, but a demand. If war were to break out once again, given the rashness of Danheimers, Kleriel would once again be called to fight. You do not want for this to happen. Cease your alliance with them as such, no Valkorian will instigate hostilities, and in the event of war no more Keelish soldiers would have to die. Forgive my lack of elaboration earlier.”


“We have a pact that keeps the north safe, i will accept Lyrien’s demand my people wont go south again, its not worth it in the end, any bounty will be removed. There is no reason for our pact to be called because off due its what you demand, Do remember it was your ally that attack Kleriel in such gruesome manner. What would keep that from happening again, i mean they came out of the blue to your aid for a war you called for” wesley said


“My query was not addressed to you, Deniro. You started this war, and therefore have no place in a counsel of peace.” Gaius swiveled his head back towards Lyrien. “What say you, Lady Archon? It would be a shame if the flames of war once again engulfed the north, merely because your ally cannot restrain his own people.”


" The Archon knows that Danheim will always send aid if Kleriel ever ends up in trouble, its thanks to our pact the north is safe, trade is going well for all parts. The sea’s are safer, Kleriel is safer, i might have been the grounds for the fight but you declared war. You had an ally that in a gruesome manner slaughtered the Kleriel people. Our pact has issued peace and safety"


‘‘Our pact was forged to secure the north from incursions from the southern empires. This war prooved how effective the pact is, Deniro.’’ Lyrien glared at Wesley.

She turns to Gaius.
’‘Kleriel will accept, under one condition. The disolvment of our pact with Danheim weakens the north greatly, so in turn, the south shall be weakened similarly. Kleriel will dissolve their pact with Danheim, if Valkoria dissolves all its alliances with the members of the Iron Concorde, and leaves them for good.’’


Caesar nodded.

“Why should we come to the aid of those who did not come to ours? Agreed, Valkoria shall leave the Iron Concord.”

Inwardly, he was overjoyed at the prospect of being rid of the slow moving, promise-abandoning Southern Kingdoms, but his face showed none of it.


" If this is what you want Archon so be it, however i made an oath i tent to keep, if you ever need help you know where i live" wesley said


Not knowing how to reply to Wesley, she changed the subject back to the point.

‘‘Well, if everyone is happy, shall we sign the treaty then?’’ Lyrien stood up, and clapped twice.
The royal scribe stepped forth with a large scroll where he documented all that has been agreed upon, opened it, adjusted his glasses, and began reading out loud.

''The end of the Valkorian - Danheim war.
Also known as the Rogue War.

Valkoria is forbidden to sail its fleets north in to the northern seas, including the Calledian, and cannot set foot on Nordrenya. Likewise, Danheim is forbidden to sail in to the southern seas, and set foot on Vellanora.

Kleriel will dissolve its mutual defence pact with Danheim for good, and Valkoria will brake all ties with the Iron Concorde and leave them for good.

Valkoria will pay reparations to Kleriel. It will pay 35% of the total cost of the damage done to Kleriel’s military in The Neck region when Kaveh unlawfully intruded and meddled with the war as a non-participant in aid of Valkoria.

There will be a truce between the three parties for a total of 10 solar years, in which time none of them may declare or resume hostile activities such as war towards one and other.’’

The scribe then lowered the scroll and looked upon the three leaders awaiting approval or objection.