[CANON][RP Episode] The end of the Rogue War


”Perhaps things are done differently in the north, but normally a band of…marauders, several hundred strong and carrying cannon, does not mean peace.”


" As stated it was a military exercise, in the desert we had heard the tales of ruins of a nation left and forgotten to time, which would had been the perfect place to train in areas we’re not used to do, which means we never invaded anyone sens the land did not belong to anyone. It was nothing but sand and dust but theses Valkorians fired at my men without reason or a reason unknown" he stated


”That land belonged to an ally of mine. You came to despoil it. In fact…” he turned to Lyrien, ”There were reports of a Keelish party which the cohort in question ran into in those same ruins about a month before the incident with this…’training exercise’.”


‘‘I did not receive word of any such excursion.’’ she replied, authentically oblivious to it because the magistrate does not report every minor expedition to the Archon. ‘‘What were they doing? Did they attack? Were there casualties?’’


“No, no shots were fired.”

Caesar turned around and looked at Wesley, his face narrowed.

“So you mean to tell me, that because your band of raiders was there on a training exercise, displaying full battle precautions and scouting out the Valkorian fort, and when fired upon attempted to slaughter the garrison wholesale instead of sending someone to demand consequences and avoid bloodshed, you sent another raiding party to slaughter innocent villagers and defenceless children?” he demanded. “I know that my herald to you never returned. That he is dead or worse I have no doubt. I know for a fact that if I marched a legion into YOUR land, or that of Kleriel, you would not hesitate to fire without ascertaining the truth.” He had bent down to stare the viking in the face, but now he stood back up, rising high above the man as he spoke.


“My Military units took fire from an source unknown, which later turned out to be all huddled in nice and cozy in a makeshift fort, and they reacted by kind to them you were the one seeking the fight you shot, they reacted” He said "The so called slaughter you’re talking about i never order or told anyone to do, it was a group of radical bounty hunters that sought blood money, they acted on their own, on their own orders, with their own gear. I never supplied them or paid them, all but a few died under this accident the few that did not died shortly after returning home. It was there i was made aware of this. he stated " However this Herald you sent to my nation did leave not sure what happened to him, we still have pirate problem at sea" he pointed out, Wesley pulled out his pipe pointing at Lyrien as in would this be okay? " Also get out of my face, please."


‘‘Blood money? And who would pay them this money?’’ Lyrien intervened.


" Family and friends, Blood wars are not uncommon but they cost alot which why mostly they are dealt with by me or in the arena. So the problem will be fixed fast and clean, sens however this were not a cause of a Danheimer but a Valkorian, the normal rules did not really apply" he said
" That the people that sought the hunters out did not give all the details or were lacking them, they just wanted to see Valkorians suffer as they had suffered"


‘‘You did not answer my question.’’ she growled as she narrowed her eyes.

‘‘Who was it that informed the people of Danheim that Valkorian blood was sought? Who was it that put the bounty up for their heads? Who was it that declared an outright racial and holy war on ‘‘the Jotun’’?’’


" I asked for every Valkorian in danheim controlled land brought to me, i wanted to see them myself, to learn what theses joten kin were and why they opened fire" he said “However the order was also dead or alive”


Gaius froze for a moment, and you could have heard a pin drop.

”You ordered, the rounding up of MY citizens, with a warrant for Dead or Alive? And as a result, your soldiers entered MY land? Killing MY people?”


" In MY land in MY realm, i chose whom are welcome or not, and give the fact you proved that shooting first is the way you say hallo, dead or alive seemed fitting" Wesley said " The fact Radicals sought the source of Valkorians outside my borders without my orders to do so and they acted on their own. I had nothing to do with it, Beside the men and women priced the ultimate price, their own blood and lives, sure they entered Valhalla but it was waste and wrong" he said still holding his unlit pipe


Lyrien raised her voice.
’‘Enough! Both of you. I’ve heard all i needed to, and blaming each other is not why we are here.’’


The Emperor nodded, but continued watching Wesley.

”I am here to make peace, not continue a war. I hope that I do not need to…”


‘‘The way i see it. The current conflict did not spark up until those raiders attacked northern Valkoria, which, and i know without a doubt, was in response to Danheim’s outrage at loosing people in yet another case where they trespassed in Valkorian territory. A bounty was declared, dead or alive, which is as you said, blood money, by YOU Wesley. Do not think you will fool me with the excuse of wishing to see Valkorians for yourself. Kleriel has bought and freed numerous Valkorians from your slavers in the past, this was not due to curiosity, but anger. Fury even. You were paying people to hunt them. The only Valkorian in Danheim at that time could have been an enslaved one, in a cage.’’

She waved to a servant at the edge of the room.
’‘Bring Gaius his chair.’’

The servant bowed her head, left to the edge of the room and pulled out a chair which was hidden behind a decorative pillar supporting the ceiling.

‘‘Deniro, you will stand.’’ she added with a cold tone.

After both Lyrien and Gaius were seated, they continued.

‘‘Now, to the business at hand.’’


Wesley smiled abit at Lyrien then spoke norse to Frej and Erik " by the gods i like the kleriel"


”Thank you.” said Gaius, as he seated himself carefully into the small seat.

”Firstly. All Hostilities will cease, effective immediately. Agreed?” He looked at Lyrien, ignoring the Danheimers.


Lyrien nodded.
’‘I propose a truce which ensures all parties present of peace for the next 10 years, without fear of war unless the terms of the agreement are violated. During this time, Valkoria and the Concorde are forbidden to sail in to northern seas as well as land troops on Nordrenya, and likewise, Danheim is forbidden to send its people south to Vellanora. As news of the fate of Danheim’s fleet reached me, i am confident Valkoria will be able to enforce this part of the agreement for the south, and Kleriel will enforce it for the north.’’


" I demand payment to the families that has suffered under the acts of this joten, i suggest that Valkoria pay two bars of gold per man or women they have killed, and that gold will go to the families that has been left behind" Wesley said


Gaius looked at Welsey. His hitherto controlled demeanor snapped.

”YOU shall take NOTHING from me, thief. Your people slaughtered mine, laying the children dead upon the very thresheolds in which they lived, and you dare speak of reparations, even as you insult me and my people. You will remain silent for this, the fixing of our war torn world, Occidendum.” He turned to look at Lyrien. ”I have a second demand, which I intend to enforce. No more raiding. None. No longer shall Danheim vessels come to slaughter others in the name of their false gods. As for your proposal, Archon, I would suggest we limit only the type of ship. No Valkorian warships greater than a light cruiser shall enter the North, so that a connections
may be safely kept between the realms.”

He looked at Wesley again.

”No Valkorian gold goes to the cause of this war. Rather YOU should be paying ME. That is my third demand, that Danheim pay to rebuild the villages which they destroyed. I shall forgive your desecration of the temples, though I doubt the priests shall thank me.”