[CANON][RP Episode] The end of the Rogue War


The note resting gently in Lyrien’s hand as she read it for herself, as she could not believe her steward when he had read it to her.

‘‘Danheim was defeated?’’ she asked in confusion, as she was absolutely sure she had received a message from Wesley not too long ago, in which he boasted a victory.

‘‘It appears each side believe itself the victor of the battle, your grace. Each seeing it from their own perspective. The Valkorians sought their revenge, and pulled out by their own accord when they achieved it. They had won the day according to them. To Danheim, all they saw was that the Valkorians have abandoned the siege, and celebrated a victory.’’ the Steward explained with a bowed head as he stood dead centre in front of her down a short flight of wide steps with the Valkorian messenger a few paces behind him.

Lyrien nodded.
’‘Then a meeting would surely open both of their eyes to what happened. I doubt Wesley will be happy. Now, prepare a pair of parchments to compose a reply, and a message to Deniro.’’ she instructed her royal scribe who was standing beside her. He bowed, and graciously left the room for a few short moments to return with a rather abundant collection of paper and an ink pen, they began drafting the messages.

After a long while of figuring out how to respectfully address and invite the two foreign leaders over, with many drafts discarded before even reaching the point of the message, the end products were finally handed to the respective envoys, and sent on their way.

The message to Gaious read:

The message to Wesley read:



The Valkorian fleet returned home, and dropped off their payload of troops and wounded. The ships repaired, and two weeks after the messenger to Kleriel had returned, Caesar picked out 3 large ships and sailed north, one squad of Steel Guard coming along.

So sometime after the battle near Danheim, while Valkoria rested at home, the Emperor arrived outside the Neck, waiting for assurance.


Wesley was sitting in his hall with his most trusted having a good meal while going over the repair orders
a messenger came into the hall, " My king ! my king! i bare news from Kleriel" he said as he walked over
Wesley took the scroll, and started to read it, “Well well, the half breeds wants peace after getting their asses kicked, very well. Frej Erik we’re heading to Kleriel the freak of nature are gonna be meeting us there for a peace summit,” he said Erik started to laugh " That was all it took? two battles and their out?, i have seen family blood wars bigger than this so called war" Frej on the other hand " It was the gods will that lead to their defeat, our brothers and sisters heed the call, but if theses freaks want to think they are humanbeings so be it, i will gladly come to Kleriel with you my king" she said taking a small sip of her mead
" This is gonna be great, havent been to Kleriel before, sure its not the reason i would ever visit for, when its the first time but so be it, lets get packed and bring some of the good mead for the Archon and Rhoa" Wesley said as he slowly got up from his chair. Soon enough the king and his followers were packing their gear and getting ready to head to Kleriel


The garrison at the Neck cought the ships on radar. Three large ships approached the pass, and stopped just before reaching it.

The commander of the outpost entered the communications station.
’‘The Valkorians are here. Radio them so we can relay further instructions.’’

The comms officer took a moment to realise.
’‘Sir. I don’t believe they have such a communication system themselves.’’

‘‘Oh…’’ he sighed. ‘‘Alright then.’’

A boat with a megaphone was sent towards the Valkorian fleet, slow and steady. The crew was unarmed, with no gun emplacements or turrets, and no rockets or torpedoes either. They yelled at the Valkorians over the megaphone they will only permit one ship of such mass and firepower to pass under escort of two Keelish cruisers, while the rest stay behind.


A long blast on a ship horn sounded. Two of the ships began reversing, smoke billowing about. The remaining battleship moved forward slowly, a gigantic gold eagle on a red square waving from the mast. The Valkorians entered the Neck, and continued on to Kleriel…


The two leaders made their way to Meridian.

Gaious’ battleship was escorted through the Calledian sea without incident, to arrive at Meridian’s harbour in a few short hours. Keelish light cruisers patrolled the sea and were anchored just off the port itself, with airships elegantly drifting in the air above as Kleriel’s green banners motioned with the winds. The city itself was calm, clean, and as if not affected by the war in any way. Kleriel itself remained untouched, though that does not mean the people gave the emperor a warm welcome upon his arrival. The path to the palace was emptied and closed off by the imperial guard, the immorai. A crowd had gathered at the closed off sections to see the emperor pass, but not out of any love for him, just sheer curiosity. But none were happy about it, even if they should have been, even if they did loose a relative in the war, at least it would end here.

Wesley came in through the northern entrance to the city. The guard too began emptying the streets for him as he and his compatriots passed. They on the other hand received a few warm welcomes and cheers from fellow Danheimers who just happened to be in Kleriel at the time, and came to cheer their king on after receiving news of a ‘‘victory’’. The Keelish however did not feel they should praise the man who dragged their nation in to a war unbeknown to them before it was far too late.

Both of the leaders were escorted up the thousand steps and in to the palace overlooking the city. They were lead down the many pristine hallways to a rather large double door where more imperial guard stood, and requested that all weapons must remain outside the meeting chamber for the duration of the peace summit.

Palace Style
Image: Palace interior style


Wesley didnt expect a heart warming welcome from the kleriel people. but he was proud to hear his kins men cheer even tho they are far from home. Getting escorted to the marvel that was Palace, they were told to leave their weapons “Very well, we shall leave our weapons however Frej can’t leave her wings for good reasons.” he said while nodding to Erik and Frej, whom started to disarm Pistols Rifle and a Machine gun was handed over to the guards " What about our gift here the Lyrien and Rhoa, do you want to check it or?" Wesley said to the guards man


Caesar was silent, the Royal insignia and Imperial armor gleaming. He paced through the city, eyes glinting out from beneath the wings of his crown.

He and his retinue handed over their weapons without a word. Then they entered the council chamber, the doors opened by Immorai, and the Emperor went in to discuss peace. He left most of his guard outside, except for two.


‘‘What do you have?’’ the guard asked.


" Mead, from my own personal stock, made from the best winter berries in the north. Damn tasty by the way, figure it wont be an issue?" Wesley said as he held the bottles in his hands


The immorai stared at the sight of these people for a moment, unsure if this is a joke or not. After a moment, he looked at the other guard across the doorway, they nodded to each other, and then looked back at Wesley.

‘‘It isn’t.’’


" Great, now lets get this summit going shall we." Wesley said as he walked in to the chamber


With both leaders in the meeting chamber, the double door was shut closed behind them. There room was a wide square hall with a wide round table in the middle, and a single chair at its far end across from the two guests, with Lyrien sat on it.

She stood as they came in.
’‘Gentlemen. Please approach.’’


Caesar walked forward, his face displaying no emotion.

”Archon.” He nodded.


Wesley, Erik and Frej bowed.
" Always the pleasure, and it’s wonderful to see you again even tho on the grounds like this" Wesley Said as Frej and Erik took place by his sides emotionless


‘‘A pleasure to finally meet you, Ceasar.’’ she bowed her head to him.

‘‘The pleasure is all mine, Wesley.’’ she said as she bowed to him as well.

‘‘Now, before we begin. Let me ask the both of you, since you are both here. Who struck the first blow, and why?’’


A smile crept onto the Valkorian’s face.

”Do you mean blow as in first shot fired after declaration of hostile intent? Or blow as in the reason for this war’s beginning?” he said, not looking at the Northman somewhat apart from him.


‘‘The latter…’’ she replied cold.


The smile faded.

”You shall have to ask your friend here that. I am sure he is dying to tell you.”


" Under a military exercise in the far south. the desert, they fired the first bullet, for reasons unknown, with later on lead to a group of bounty hunters seeking blood money, however theses hunters paid their price when they all but a few got killed in Valkoria"" Wesley said