[CANON] [RP Episode] Paitiyas


The Emperor began to dictate to the listening scribes, who wrote down what they heard:

And as both Caesar of Valkoria, and Gilgamesh, Shah of Kaveh, have decided the terms of an agreement, for the mutual benefit of both peoples, let all know the words set down herein.
Kavehan engines, diesel powered, and transistor based electronics, shall be made and sold to the Imperial government of Valkoria, produced in IV factories, to be located in the Castrum Valkorium , II in Valkora, and the final to be in Urbs Lapis. They shall be run by Kavehans, with Valkorians to be taught to operate and use the above goods in said factories.
The mines located in the Valkorian mountains shall sell their goods at a reduced price to Kavehan buyers, shipped at Valkorian expense to them. Mines of the substance known as ‘Arejo’, will also sell their goods at a reduced price to Kavehan buyers.

Caesar looked at the Shah. “Is this acceptable?”


Gilgamesh nodded. 'Add it to the provisions of your original proposal, and we can sign."


Gaius nodded, and the scribes continued scribbling. After a few moments of quiet scratching from the pens, they rose, and handed the documents to Caesar. He signed, and then stamped them both with his eagle signet ring, before handing the treaty to the Shah to sign as well.


Gilgamesh signed, and added his own seal. “This treaty ushers in a new future for our peoples. May it bring us peace and prosperity.”


“Excellent. Is there anything else you wish to converse with me about?” the Emperor asked.


“No, Emperor. I believe our business is concluded to satisfaction. I will take my leave.” And with that the Shah made a shallow waist-bow, gathered his retinue to him, and went back to the ship to return to Kaveh.


After the Shah left, Caesar ordered the treaty copied multiple times, and secured. Then leaving his retinue behind, the Emperor walked through the long hallways and up the winding stairs to the pinnacle of the great city. The wind blew sharply, tugging at his clothes, and moving to the battlement, he looked down, hundreds of feet to the sea below. An eagle screamed somewhere overhead, and Gaius smiled. All was well.


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