[CANON] [RP Episode] In the shadows of war


Columns upon columns of Kaldarossian soldiers stood ground - ready to march eastwards towards the Free City of Maruba. High King Gerardus II had - after receiving the letter from Jarl Valdemar I of Maruba increased the military spendings, and thus - had called in all men and women fit for service fearing the worst.

A small portion of the army had been given a mission, where they were to secure a defensive perimeter if the worst was to happen. Incase the Northeners were to invade Maruba, the route towards Kaldaross would have been an easy raiding route, and heavily undefended, something the High King would not accept. Therefor a unit was sent to hold a defensive perimeter outside the Free city of Maruba.

Once the order order to begin the march was given, Gerardus walked up to his bedroom window, and watched by as the columns of soldiers marched onwards. Leading the garrison were 50 Royal Knights, accompanied by a garrison unit on 200 strong.

The sun had - just an mere hour earlier downed beneath the horizon when the soldiers arrived at a small settlement by the river in the east. There, they loaded their equipment and entered to awaiting ships - bringing them forward down the river towards the town of Piterud.

As the sun began to set on the horizon, the soldiers began disembarking from the ships, when they were greeted by a group of the city guard.



Jozsef Sertes was nervous. The Jarl had been as well, last time he visited, and that man had gone through fire without as much as a flinch. As the ships arrived at the wooden deck, a smaller group of kaldarossi, who appeared to be leading the lot, approached him and his men. “Greetings,” he said, in what he hoped to be a sufficient kaldarossi. The man smiled. Then he spoke, in surprisingly good roklavian: “Thank you for receiving us. My king sends his regards and wishes for us all to have faith.” “Very well that,” Sertes thought, “although, your king better not be as much of a pig as some of your merchants around here, or we’re all dead.

Shaking these thoughts out of his head, he said: “Yes, may hope never desert us. Now, your encampment is this way, just ahead! You may move to a more permanent encampment at dawn! Shall we?” The column set off behind the officers of both realms, and reached a field just outside the city walls, where the tent pegs could be fastened. The officer tent was the first to be erected, and the leaders from both nations sat down inside to discuss technicalities.

Meanwhile, a horseback courier had been dispatched to the village of Linsk to speak to the local chieftainess about the arrival of the foreign force. Although he should have arrived well before sunset, he had to take a roundabout to avoid an area, where there were rumors to be a newly nested in wolf pack. Hence, he had arrived amidst the darkness, which was only broken by the torches blazing outside the houses. The courier had dismounted, and approached the largest house in the village, upon the door of which he knocked three times. He had been told to enter, and there he had explained to the displeased Eleonora Hegyes about how her village would be proximate to the kaldarossi for a while.

After promising to tell her citizens first thing in the morning, she threw the courier back out into the night, and closed the door. Disgruntled, he found his steed, and set off across the moonlit path, back towards a lonely dot of light on the horizon, Piterud.

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The sound of birdsong filled the encampment in the early morning-hours of this fine sunny day. The officer in charge of the garrison had just returned from his early morning inspection schedule, when a courier arrived with bewildering news. “Si… Si… Sire, I bring forth news from our scouts in Maruba, that a ship, sailing under the Danheimian flag have been spotten lurking in the waters near Maruba.” a frightened voice whispered into the ear of the officer. “What!.. When!? How long ago was this?” a distressed officer replied. The courier stirred down on the muddy flooring below, whilst he replied: “Some mere hours ago…, sire”. “And only now you’re giving me these news!?” the officer shouted. “What the hell took you so long?.. this, this, this is outrageous! You are to report this to the king at once!” an angered officer yelled. The courier ran off, towards the west, towards the Kaldarossian realm.

The General now feared an invasion of Maruba, thus the order to march on Maruba was given. Whilst the garrison were tidying up the encampment, the officer - alongside his 50 Royal Knights ventured of towards the realm’s capital in a hurry.

After marching for a time, the Knights stumbled upon a small remote village. The officer indicated the Knights to halt, and descended off his horse. He continued to walk forward, accompanied by six Royal Knights, until they reached the city center. “Hmm, this is weird” the officer said, whilst viewing the nearly abandoned city. “It seems as if though the city were abandoned instantaneously.” one of the knights said. “Indeed, and by the looks of it - it did not happen long ago.” the officer said with a worried voice. “Whatever caused this must be close! Alright men, let us regroup with the rest and await…” The screams of men abruptly interrupted the officers command. The group swiftly turned around, and to their amusement a large horde of farmers were charging right for them, armed to the teeth.

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Eleonora woke with a stir. People were shouting outside her cottage. An odd thing to be doing, this early in the morning. She looked out her window. The sun had just appeared from the shadow of the Red Mountains, and the sky was clear, yet the day was still very much in its crib. Yes that much was clear. She rubbed her eyes, and despite her worsening sight she could clearly make out the fog which still hung around the nearest peak.

But the shouting continued. Now she came to think of it, there seemed to be more than one person screaming too. What was going on? She quickly put on a long gown and stepped outside. Her blood froze in horror at the sight of what met her. Her villagers were running towards the eastern end of the village, and they were holding all from forks and clubs, to spears in their hands. Had raiders come again? Then she realized, with a jolt of anguish, about the news from the previous night. “What’s going on here?” she shouted at the nearest farmer, just running past with a rusty fork. His answer confirmed her nightmare, “we’re under attack ma’am, Kaldaross is here!” She set off as fast as her old legs could carry her, after the farmer.

Tovarich! Tovarich Völgyi! Halt! Halt I tell you!” The farmer looked around, surprise etched into his face. “But Ma’am,” he exclaimed, “there’s an arm…
Make them stand down now!” Eleonora cut across, “those units are not foes, they have been summoned to the area by the Jarl!” I beg you tovarich, make them stand down!**" Fear came across the farmers features. Then he turned on the spot and set off eastward, shouting: “Stop! Stand down you maggots, Ma’am’s orders! Stand down, they’re friends! They are frieeeeends!” Eleonora hurried after his fading voice, dreading what she’d find once she caught up.