[Canon] [RP Episode] Death of a Nation


After the great tournament, many of the visiting nations had already returned to their homes. What was the key to Roklavia’s success? Was it strong leadership? Not really, after all, Valentina stood as a puppet ruler for the longest time. No. Roklavia was not ruled by the wise, it was ruled by the rich. Those who had the wealth dictated the future of the country. Valentina would have had no real power at all had she not seized control of the mining industry and invested in it. Roklavia’s greatest power came from what they delved. They produced marble and quartz, quite expensive building material. However, they were not known to have any ore deposits of value, so the source was of another nature.

What Valentina had discovered was a rift, a portal to a hellish nameless realm. Beyond that portal lay an endless mine full of the raw material she needed to build Smertangelsk. However this realm was a sick, dangerous place. Monsters lurked in its shadows. Their appearance could only be described as pure evil, something only told of in ghost stories.

Despite the risk of letting these creatures into Allura, Valentina insisted that the mining continue, downplaying the danger as a necessary concession. This, however, proved to be her greatest mistake, as these monsters couldn’t be contained forever.

Shortly after the end of the tournament, factory workers reported to Valentina that the steel barriers they had constructed were wearing out. After much pleading, Valentina heeded their warning and cancelled the diplomatic meeting of the Northern Alliance, without giving her reasons. The night after her announcement, one of these creatures broke through and escaped the factories, killing all but one of the workers. The next day, the massacre was discovered and the steel barrier had been breached. Valentina issued a city wide proclamation of a state of emergency. Hundreds of Roklavs fled the city, but many stayed, because they hadn’t seen these monsters yet and didnt believe in the threat. When night approached, the creatures came out of hiding and began to kill and devour anyone who had remained in the city.

By strange coincidence, a soldier discovered that the monsters were blind as he fled from one in the streets. Keeping very quiet, he sneaked through the city and began spreading the word. The monsters were hunting anything that made a sound. They seemed to hate sound with a passion, and rushed to destroy any source of sound they could…

Few survived the infestation and escaped, the whereabouts of the Queen and the Spymaster were unknown, but rumor has it that amidst the monster infested city, a small group of people had managed to survive.

Roklavia looked exactly as it had since the infestation, only it is a ghost city, its population consisting of blind ravenous monsters and corpses.


Kleriel’s response:

After the tournament, the Keelish of Kleriel thought their time was wasted. They supposed that Roklavia was simply not of a mind to officially sign to The Northern Alliance, and honestly, neither was Kleriel.

Kleriel barely knew Danheim or Roklavia, everyone else they would only first encounter at the tournament. The Keelish only agreed to come to Roklavia to make this point, and refuse to sign in to the alliance with their reasons known. After the meeting was cancelled, the Keelish did not linger, they promptly picked up and left.

Lia, Kleriel’s diplomat on the scene, had reported Valentina’s vampirism to Kleriel’s leadership. As Kleriel is fanatically anti-black magic, the responce of the magisterium, and even the Archon, were not pleasing. Though they were prepared to leave it be because Roklavia is too big of a power to come at odds with.

Or at least, it was.

The very next day, hundreds of refugees would pour from Roklavia in all directions, this still a small fraction of their population. They spoke of devastation, of hell unleashed. Hesitant, Kleriel did come around to taking in some of them, even if their attitude was not the best in the past, and they were thankful.

In the following months, Kleriel sent scouts to monitor the area. The first few didn’t come back at all. Later ones came back missing a few people. Eventually the Keelish simply decided to stay far away, and monitor their own borders instead.

Kleriel had no idea what had happened, why, or how long the Roklav Queen had been corrupting her nation as such. And indeed, the Keelish blamed her for this, and wrote the fall of Roklavia in to their history books as a clear example that dark magics lead to ruin in the end, each and every time.

The Northern Alliance was simply not meant to be, as Roklavia died, so had the dream of a TNA. At least in the eyes of the Keelish. Instead in seeking better diplomatic relations with other nations they returned to their isolationist ways, and began to plot…


2 months after infestation…

Night time arrived once again on the empty city. Not a sound could be heard. No people, no horses, no dogs, not even birds. Everything was deathly still. Only the wind whistled and the waves rippled against the barren shores. A lone ship sailed off in the distance, passing through the Praelian Strait. The ship flew black sails and black flags, and on its bow was carved the figurehead of an eagle, except that it had it been marred and hollowed out, giving it a skull-like appearance.

Capitan, schooner ahead!” A voice echoed from the top of the main mast.

Prekrasno.” A low Roklavian voice replied. The captain stepped away from the wheel and walked over to the side railing, taking out a box of matches. He admired the view: a peaceful, flawless city, illuminated only by the moonlight, making its white walls glow a faint tinge of blue. Grabbing an unlit lantern from a crate, he lit it, and waved it back and forth. Squinting his eyes he scanned the city for any sign of life. His hopes were answered, as a light appeared in the highest level of the clock-tower. The captain smiled, God I hope it’s you.

Capitan Moroztsev turned back to his crew and began barking orders,“Up on the deck you sorry sons of suki! Prime the cannons for firing!” The pirate crew followed his orders, and hushed to a low murmur as they prepared for a surprise attack.

The lantern in the tower faded, and its bearer went back to her night of pitch black darkness. As she walked the moonlit halls of the palace, a high-pitched clicking noise echoed throughout. She stopped, held her breath and waited. When the clicking faded, she continued walking, deeper into the palace, but another noise sounded, but it wasn’t like the last. A sword slid from its sheathe, followed by cold, soulless voice, “The master requests your presence, vampire.”

The woman froze in fear. Uttering a single word out loud was a death sentence, but this person spoke with complete disregard for the danger that surrounded them.

The figure, shrouded in darkness, continued to speak,“He will not accept no as an answer. You have piqued his curiosity.” The clicking noise suddenly drew nearer. The woman began to back away, fearing the worst.

“Come now, do these beasties frighten you? They will serve as excellent pets for the master. We can bring a few with us…ah he’ll like that!” The clicking became louder and more frantic. The shuffling of feet and claws began making their way up the walls. The shrouded figure then let out a shout in some unholy language, and for a split second, the clawing noises stopped.

With a clash and shattering of glass, two creatures leaped into the hallways from outside, claws skidding on the polished marble floors. Their appearance was hideous. Their bodies were like that of hounds, but they had grey leathery skin and no eyes. The sides of their heads were concave, and served as huge sensitive ears, and the clicking noise they made was now deafeningly loud. It was so unbearable that the woman fell to her knees and covered her ears in pain.

However, the creatures did not attack. They quieted down and approached the dark stranger. Two armored hands protruded from the shadow and caressed the toothy snouts of the monsters, making them click softly with a gleeful tone. The figure then walked out into the moonlight with the two hounds at his sides. He was hooded and cloaked in black, save for the bright silver armor he wore, and the silver sword swinging at his side.

"Enough of this nonsense. You’re coming with me, your majesty. He grabbed her, and as she struggled to get away from him, the stranger punched her in the head, rendering her unconscious. After heaving her over his shoulder, he proceeded to disappear down the stairs, followed closely by his two new pets.

The city was still now, and would remain so for a long time.