[CANON] [RP EPISODE] Chronicles of Valkoria: Part II


And the earth heaved, and Neptune put forth his hand, and the oceans were moved. The fountains of the seas were shaken, and the world groaned. Fishes and denizens of the deep, spat forth by the movements of the currents, fell upon the land, cast upon the shores in great heaps. The sky roared, and the waters which hang always above the earth gushed down upon the land, so that none might enter the land of the Valkorians. A wall of water encircled them, and rain and wind were on its peak, barring entry to all. Thus did the God safeguard his nation, and defend them against the doom which must surely come, knowing all with omniscient power.

The peoples cried out in fear and terror, knowing not whence this towering mountain range of strength and might had come. But Caesar, Emperor of the Valkorians spread the word far and wide, that he had sought out the God in the high places of the mountains, and reasoned with him, thinking to perhaps defend his kingdom from the various nations of Allura who threatened it with ruin. After much debate, Neptune indeed consented, but for a price. Thus it was that the Valkorians put aside the great weapons of war and destruction with which they had equipped their armies. Caesar agreed, knowing that unless Valkoria once again went forth to war and battle, that the weapons procured from Kaveh would be of no use in the sheltered haven.

“But what of the ships, the castles of steel with which we are wont to defend the oceans and seas that you have given to us, your servants upon the waters everywhere, oh Neptune Sea-Strider?” asked the Emperor, lord of many legions.

“When the time comes for the hidden kingdom to come forth, then will you return to your ships. But until then lay up your weapons of war, and wait. Your kingdom will not want for fish or food, and the farmable lands nestled among the mountains will be bountiful whilst you obey my commands.” replied the God, Ruler of Many Rivers. “The day the waters return unto their kingdoms and the wall is no more, then may the Valkorians return to their ships, and march to war. You, or your descendants will know whom the enemy will be when the time comes.”

“And how will we know, Ruler of the Depths?” spoke the Emperor of the boundless seas.

“I will send one to you, who will speak to you with my words. Until then, abide in this land between two waters.”

Thus spake Caesar, recounting the words of the Deity. And the Valkorians placed their war engines in great vaults in the mountains, and buried their rifles and cannon in caches in hidden places. The ships, towering and strong, they docked in hidden ports, and returned to the craft which Neptune had originally given them, the working of ships of mighty strength, but built from wood instead of steel.

At first there was great clamor from the citizens of the Empire, as a great profit had been made through trade with the other nations of the world, all of which ceased with the erection of the wall of water. Riots in the streets, and a few local revolts erupted, crying out against the decision of Caesar. But he spoke to those who would listen, telling them of the things the God had spoken. Knowing Caesar to have never been a godly man, they took his words to heart, and calmed themselves. The few who did not were dealt with quietly by the legions.

  • A Recounting of the Walling up of the Valkorians by the God Neptune

Present Day
Across the southern realms of Allura, a shock rumbled in the earth, and raced across the lands, as the moving of the God caused an uproar amongst the joints and plates of the earth. Earthquakes and hurricanes were permeated the surroundings directly outside the wall, and gigantic waves crashed with a roar against the shores of the seas. A few boats and ships, caught by the sudden storms, foundered, and their occupants swept away by maelstroms.

Storms raged across the seas around the Valkorian peninsula, and and earthquake ravaged its head where the peninsula connected to the continent. For many leagues, the forests were rent asunder, mighty oaks and towering cedars were uprooted, and tossed aside by the ravening quake. The old fortresses scattered about from wars long past collapsed, and were buried under falling hills.

After a few turbulent hours, the mayhem began to subside, but the tremors would run throughout the world, causing small earthquakes over the next few weeks. Gradually however, all movement ceased, and all was still. Nothing moved from the wall of water, spraying dripping from its shimmering sides. The immiediate backwater at the foot of the wall was a horror of riptides and whirlpools, but three hundred meters out, all was tranquil.

End of Part I