[CANON] [RP Episode] Breaking News!


Breaking news!” the shouts are coming from the western pillars of the freedom square. Out of splash distance from the carriage wheels that thunder on by, a boy of around fourteen stands and shouts to the glum public. “Battles at the Neck! Valkor on our doorstep!” Yes, an article had appeared in the Northern Herald, the leading scripture in Maruba.

The Neck Under Attack!

The Neck, the western gateway to the Calledian Sea, was during the early days of this week shaken by heavy battles, raging between an offensive Valkoran invasive force, and keelish defenders. Standing firm, the forces of Kleriel has driven the invasion back out to the North Sea. General Hospital full to date.

On Monday this week, a major incident occurred around the Neck archipelago in the northern Calledian sea. A military force of naval vessels sought forced entry into the sea to move on to their victims, the danheimers. However, as the northern countries had decided unanimously, entering the sea for the duration of the Rouge War, as it has been dubbed by popular sources, is prohibited for all valkorians and their affiliates, in order to ensure unobstructed trade in the region. This breach, despite ending in an unsuccessful manner, has caused a constant military presence by keelish forces and vessels in the harbor area.

The Jarl himself made a public appearance yesterday, where he stated that he remains unwilling to declare an offensive campaign against the valkorian government. Yet in light of this breach, he has issued northern forces access to the ports of Maruba and Piterud, on the condition that certain terms are met. The Jarl stressed that this military presence was in fact a temporary phenomenon, and that things will return to normal "as soon as tactically safe.

Keelish representatives arrived in the capital in the early hour to declare themselves victorious in the battle, and to negotiate with the Council, a negotiation which appears to have paid off. Wounded from their ranks are being treated at the General Hospital, which, according to chief of staff, Vandor Puskas, has “the establishment working at highest gear to ensure minimal loss of life”. A smaller number of valkorian captives are also seen to.

The Battle of The Neck is the first confrontation since the emperor of the Valkorian Empire declared war upon the danheimers of Nordenya. Although the remainder of the fleet remains in a position unknown, persistent keelish military presence at The Neck ensures northerners that no surprise attack will occur on that front.

– Ethel Barani

This topic will be a way to report on global news, and to publish letter correspondings between states. Task of episode may or may not change in future.


The Emperor received the news of the Battle of the Neck with a grim look. He knew that the Keelish would not be an easy obstacle to surmount, let alone defeat. After absorbing the news, and going over the reports, he sent a message to Admiral Aetius and General Marius, detailing their next move. A certain courier went north as well, under a flag of truce, arriving at Maruba two weeks after the Battle of the Neck, in response to Valdemar’s letter.

A battle was fought. The first of many, for this war is only beginning. May we meet in happier times, when the blot that is Danheim has been removed from this earth.
Alae Iacta est.

A brief, sharp signature adorned the brief, sharp message.



The press believed the keelish to have arrived only the very morning that the article on the battle appeared in the Herald, however Valdemar received the following letter from a keelish scout, the day before:

’’Esteemed Jarl Valdemar I of Maruba

Keelish troops and sailors have fought valiantly to protect the Calledian sea from the Valkorian predators who would descend and prey upon it with their steel monstrosities would we not have halted them. We know, for a fact, that Maruba was the target of their attempted assault through The Neck after they pushed their troops south on land west of it, in an attempt to bypass our blockade. This makes you a direct target of the war. As things stand, it would only be proper if you would allow our troops and fleet to use the city of Maruba as a forward base, a place to repair and restock, while we continue to hold The Neck, and defend you in the process.

Reply with due haste, I await your decision with high expectations.
Archon Lyrien na-Lettrix of the Kleriel Imperium’’

Having followed the battles with utmost interest, with constant reports from scout groups behind the keelish lines, Valdemar had anticipated this. He hastened to write a reply.

’’Great Archon Lyrien na-Lettrix of the Kleriel Imperium

I would like to start off by displaying my uttermost gratitude for the bravery of your men out around The Neck. Reading up on the reports I gathered on the skirmish, I find that without you, Maruba might have been sieged, and it appears our navy is far too outdated to cope with what your forces had to withstand. It is now clear to me that we have underestimated the threats posed upon us, and if Svetla allows for it, we shall increase our own military capabilities from this moment forward. You have the gratitude of the people, as well as myself.

Ever since this started, yet perhaps now more than ever, I seem to find that my people are threatened by this war, in disregard to whatever I attempt to protect their independence. I therefor grant you and your allies permission to dock your vessels in all larger ports under our domain, where you can get rest, repair your vessels, and restock. In addition to this, we shall make sure that your wounded be taken care of in our medical facilities.

Make no mistake, I understand that the valkorian behavior showcased here is beyond what could be tolerated at times like these. Most unfortunately, our small nation lacks, as I’ve stated earlier, in military might, what we possess in other fields. Due to this, we do not judge it a lucrative idea to declare war upon another state, despite this breach. Hence, we are willing to act as forward base and nothing more. Please note that whatever this war will bring agains my people, I am determined to prevent Maruba becoming a battlefield.

I wish to have you know that I also cut a pact with the king of the Kingdom of Kaldaross, who despite being in liege with the valkorians, is on very good terms with Maruba. This pact is merely one of diplomatic nature, and states that neither may launch an offensive military maneuver at the other. This move was done to gain their trust, as well as to keep the mutually beneficial trade alive between the states. I have allowed for a minor garrison of kaldarossi to be stationed by Piterud, to give them a heads up should our northern friends feel tempted to disregard my wishes and the pact itself. Alas, I cannot fully trust their motives, and I have therefor put my own precautions to work, should I get a sense of foul play.

I wish you good fortunes, and I hope to meet someday more in person,
Valdemar I, Jarl of Maruba

He sent this off immediately, and sent a messenger to speak with the hospital staff about a possible wave of incoming high priority patients, a wave that would be unmatched in size since the doom of Roklavia. What a mess that was coming!


After the news of the carnage that has taken place at The Neck, caused by unknown airborne vehicles, Kleriel’s presence in The Neck was severely weakened. Help was required, and fast. Another message was dispatched to Maruba with the following message:


Valdemar had just awoken when the keelish man entered with the scroll. Unfolding it, he read it over and over, his cup of wine emptying exponentially as he went. Draining the last bits bottoms up, he groaned and banged his fist against the table. “why couldn’t people fight their own battles, huh? Still, Kleriel present over Valkor taking over any day!” Slightly hunched, he withdrew to his study, and began drafting a reply:

"Grand Archon Lyrien na-Lettrix of the Kleriel Imperium

I hear your call, and I share your concerns. Despite my clear distaste in war of any kind, I will give my consent to send military aid to the defensive positions in the Neck archipelago, as I agree that the trade network must remain intact at any cost.

However, I fail to see why us defending our own home would force us into taking a side in the Rogue War at large, one where we could be forced into an offensive, which the Council overwhelmingly voted against. I also fear that officially joining your ranks would increase tensions with Kaldaross, who we, as previously stated, oppose declaring against.

Therefor I urge you to reconsider your ultimatum, especially considering that your demands are being met every inch along the way!

Valdemar I of Maruba


After the conclusion of the air raid, Shahanshah Gilgamesh retired to his office to write a letter. His heart was heavy with the loss of the pilot. He hoped to all the heavens and their deities that it was not a price paid in vain, and not a colossal error on his part.

He sat down to write.

To the Great Emperor, Gaius Caesarius of Valkora, from the Shahanshah Gilgamesh, Lord of the Jade Throne, Shah of Kaveh and Huehtlatoani of the Tlalocoban Cities, greetings!

Today, the air forces of the Imperial Navy of Kaveh struck a decisive blow against the joint armed forces of the Kleriel Imperium. We have laid waste to significant portions of their war machine, in repayment of the great debt taken 118 years ago when your naval forces helped the Lord of the Exodus achieve a glorious victory against the servants of the Tyrant’s oppression.

I now approach you with an appeal to the ties of friendship and alliance that bound our nations in ages past. The war in the Homeland is over, and we are in the process of rebuilding. Our interest in Vallenora, right now, is mostly to resettle Kurshid and develop a presence here, for trading purposes. However, I am aware that this upsets the balance of power in the region. For this reason, I would invite you to a diplomatic meeting where we can discuss the mutual futures of our two nations, for it is my firm belief that that future is something we will make together.

After finishing his letter, he neatly folded it and placed it in a sealed envelope. He handed it to an envoy who would ride a swift helicopter to the City of Valkora, and deliver the document to the Emperor in person.


Gaius received the letter with great shock, delivered as it was by a large flying craft the likes of which he had never seen before. Reading the message only threw him into greater confusion. After thinking, and recovering his peace of mind, he penned another note to the Shah.

To the Shahanshah Gilgamesh, greeting!
It is with great happiness that I welcome your return to Allura, and your ascension to the throne. Your strike upon the Keelish, with no warning, is liable to be condemned as unlawful and vile by the world at large. While I thank you for the aid, I will warn you that your home city is in some disarray. A force of Danheimers attacked it sometime ago, and although a cohort of mine and a cruiser beat them off, the city was partially destroyed in the conflict.

Come to Valkoria, and we shall discuss this further.

Maruba Full List

" I here by write you Jarl of Maruba to tell you that Danheim has beated the foul half breeds back, gave them great losses, while we morn our own dead and are starting to repair what was broken, i write to you my friend to tell you soon enough Danheim Troops will land to offer you protection and great many supplies for you and the Kleriel, and also to let you know we have prisoners of theses foul beasts and are offering to take care of any you have stored. Thus my last words We did not start this war this fight was not ours but by Hel we finished it, the north stands together and stands strong, Honor Glory on your house. Signed Wesley Deniro King of Danheim"

"To the honored Kleriel, i here by repport that the half breeds has been defeated by the will of the gods and the army of Danheim and we will her by send supplies and manpower to Maruba to help out on the front, while we lack the naval power due of unforseen issues we cannot at this time bring a navy signed Wesley Deniro King of Danheim"


"To Wesley Deniro, King of Danheim

I am pleased to gain knowledge of your victory, and your savior of your homeland. Maruba will of course gladly provide supplies for reconstruction purposes for a rather generous price. As for your fallen warriors, I can but send my deepest condolences to their families. The north has shown their strength today, and you ought to be proud of that accomplishment.

As for your protection and arms, we are glad for your commitment to the Neck archipelago’s protection, however, seeing as you’ve won, I’d have assumed the war to be over? If not, I would like a report on the current situation. Due to the non-agression pact I have with my western neighbor of Kaldaross, I can not aid you in an offensive campaign in that direction, despite their allegiance with the “halfbreeds”. As a matter of fact, I have to restrain you of such an offensive as well, unless the kaldarossi break the deal first. I will however make sure that the forces we can provide are sufficient to hold the Neck and the Calledian Sea.

On the subject of prisoners, you need not worry. They have been put to work.

Congratulations once more,
Valdemar I, Jarl of Maruba


Caesar has finished his war. The fleet was on its way home, and had sent a destroyer on ahead with the news of the battle. So, two weeks after the battle outside Danheim, Gaius sent a message to the north.

His messenger to Kleriel approached the blockade with turrets rotated the opposite direction, and white flags flying.

To the Esteemed Lyrien, Archon of Kleriel,
I have exacted my revenge. Danheim has been defeated. Let us now seek to end the bloodshed, my aim has been fulfilled. Send a Herald back on the ship which brought you this message, to discuss arrangements for a meeting. Tell Deniro.

The message to Maruba was passed on through the Kaldaross garrison.

Your ally is in tatters. The North runs with blood. The war is over, but you have chosen your side in this conflict. Valkorian dead litter the snows. Danheim dead lie in heaps. Keelish dead float in the bay. You have escaped unscathed, but you choose a side. I shall remember that.

A message was also sent to the Iron Concord, telling them of Valkoria’s decision to halt hostilities.


Moments after the peace summit in Kleriel came to its conclusion, Lyrien had transmitted an order to the Fleet docked in Maruba to relay a message to Jarl Valdemar. The admiral commanding the fleet there took the message to the Jarl personally as a representative of the imperium. The message read.



Valdemar was troubled. Letters. That was all he received these days. Recollections of important events, of which no one deemed it important to inform him in person. He couldn’t quite allow himself to feel genuinely surprised at the keelish’ last note, yet he hadn’t expected such boldness from the leader of the very men, who, he remembered, still lay at his hospitals. Hadn’t he done enough? Would Lyrien stop at anything short of taking his lands, stripping his rule away piece by piece, as a carpenter fashions himself a chair’s leg?

Willing to bring to you our knowledge of medicine” indeed! They should be offering it up on a bloody silver platter, to allow for more of their own to be spared! And here the Archon was playing games with him, as if he was a mere child! No, this was above what he tolerated, even from the power that withstood the valkorians.

And what was this rubbish about Gaius assuring to “leave Maruba be”? Why would he campaign against Maruba anyway? They’d seen to their own interests alone, and had only intended to hinder the forces of Valkor in case they broke the ultimatum he’d sent south, which inevitably did occur, to the worse for not themselves, but the keelish of the blockade. Gaius had no reason to launch an invasion nor plunder of his lands. The most of which his letters hinted were a cold attitude. There was simply put too much he didn’t know for his own liking.

His people were happy with the foreign creatures, he knew this, for it read so in the Herald itself. But, he also knew for a fact that many who inhabited the city below rather would have their city be sieged than have their sovereignty stripped from them, alike to the tyranny that was the status quo in the dying days of Old Roklavia.

This was not going to be resolved by hints on parchment. No, if Lyrien wanted results, she’d have to dance by his flute somewhat. Hence he wrote three short letters.

To Emperor Gaius of Valkora

I hear peace eases the hearts of Allura at last. This peace, however late, is I hope you will agree, for the better for all. I write in the name of my merchants, some of whom have expressed desires to travel south to your ports, in a fashion as they have done for years, yet wishes to be sure of their ability to do so. I am aware of your stance on my attempt at staying out of the war, and the eventual harboring of your foes.

However I can not heed but wonder whether the weight of gold is heavier than the grudges you hold against our government. I write to You to allow you to conduct our personal quarrels in a civilized manner, so that no outsider comes to harm. Hence, again, will you further accept, or henceforth deny, Maruban ships, many with kaldean goods, to use the safe route of the West to conduct their trade?

In respect for the lives lost in the war,
Valdemar I, Jarl of Maruba

To the Archon of Kleriel

Come to Maruba, and we shall speak more.

Valdemar I

To Wesley Deniro of Danheim

My dear Wesley, I still much await your update on the peace talks, and the current political situation. Unfortunately, Maruba was kept in the dark of such negotiations, despite the relevance of the outcome for our people. I hope your scribes’ accounts will make up for this.

With honor,

[CANON][RP Episode] No middle men

To jarl Valdemar I
I can do even better then that, i here by send you a copy of the signed treaty, so you can see it for you’reself
however i have to admit it felt wrong being in the same room with a half breed, which happened to be their leader
nasty shadow of a “man”. From where i hope him and his nation soon will fall and turn crimson, atlast the war is over the north won, the half breeds was forced to retreat over and over.

The end of the Valkorian - Danheim war.

Also known as the Rogue War.

Valkoria is forbidden to sail its fleets north in to the northern seas, including the Calledian, and cannot set foot on Nordrenya. Likewise, Danheim is forbidden to sail in to the southern seas, and set foot on Vellanora. Unless either of their allies permit them to move about their territories and spheres of influence on those land masses, and nowhere further.

Kleriel will dissolve its mutual defence pact with Danheim for good, and Valkoria will brake all ties with the Iron Concorde and leave them for good.

Valkoria will pay reparations to Kleriel. It will pay 35% of the total cost of the damage done to Kleriel’s military in The Neck region when Kaveh unlawfully intruded and meddled with the war as a non-participant in aid of Valkoria.

There will be a truce between the three parties for a total of 10 solar years, in which time none of them may declare or resume hostile activities such as war towards one and other.

Wesley Deniro, King of Danheim, leader of the viking horde


The messenger reached the Capitol some days before the Shah arrived. There was no response.

But as the Maruban returned home, the column of Valkorians, two days behind him, swept across Allura, armed with rifle, sword, and shield.