[CANON] [RP Episode] Bellum Septentrionalem


Aetius sailed his fleet and the convoy back down the coast to the plains in the west. There, he and Marius set up a large camp, to rest the wounded, and gather food.

While the battleships on a whole were still intact and battle-ready, one was in need of heavy repairs, and 5 more cruisers were on their last legs. After patching them up, Aetius dispatched them back to Valkoria, with a light cruiser as an escort, as well as a message explaining what had happened.

After 3 weeks of waiting and much needed rest, Marius once again embarked his troops, and the Valkorians sailed north again, this time avoiding the Neck all together, and instead going north, around the smaller continent. They arrived 2 days later, about 30 miles away from Danheim. There, Marius took his army on land, and dug in again, while the fleet held position out at sea.



Back in Danheim the army were at full alert been for weeks, the fleet had been busy dropping down sea mines, and taking falling in line, after the courtier came with the notice of war, artillery spot had been build, and the call to war were called in Danheim, However thanks to Kleriel being a trusty ally whom lived up to their word, Wesley had heard of the battle at sea and later on heard which way enemy fleet were headed, which had giving him plenty of time to prep his defense. The fleet had been alerted and were standing ready. A relay of scouts with flares and com runes were sent into the wilderness to relay the advancement. Danheim’s rune-masters took places around the city to power up the wall’s shield. civilians were escorted to safety and giving orders on how to react once the fight started
Wesley were standing on dock prepping a speech, he looked upon his mean, while having a rune com around his neck
" I call upon you Viking’s people of Danheim, in this hour of darkness, It’s our way of life is what we’re fighting for against a nation of half breeds,
Our gods flies above us, inspires us every day to do more, and theses half breeds seeks to take midjord from us and defile our gods!, it is up to you to give our very best, in every way you can!. So It will be a good day to die, We know the reasons why we have to fight, So Vikings of Danheim, we fight for what is right,
every man or woman lost is a noble sacrifice, you came when duty calls, and they will pay the price,
So remember this is for the Gods we will give our life! all is fair in war if its done with honor and glory,
That’s what the gods knows and wants. So REMEMBER vikings of Danheim
You’re not alive unless you’re almost dying’,These are the words i’m about to say is what we march by: Duty, Courage, Honor, And i know every single one of you will be out trying’! So this will be a good day to die a good day to fight, Every single death is noble sacrifice,
We fight for the gods and our nation! The Ravens, of Odin flies high above us,
The gods will be watching and for this our, spirit soar,
They will give you all the strength to carry on,
To fight, and win this war!, Everyone that falls will enter Valhalla and THESES HALF BREEDS WILL LEARN THEIR PLACE! FOR THE GODS FOR DANHEIM! FOR THE NORTH!"
he yelled in the end, every solider and sailor cheered weapons were raised in the air
" Everyone know their role and their place listen to your marshals and remember your new rune shields will take some damage but not forever so watch out and remember the gods are watching, today we fight to prove our right" Wesley said before leaving

the Drunken Boar had been borrowed and transformed into a small field HQ
Wesley, Erik, Frej were standing around a table laying plans and talking, until the door opened
and a man walked in

" My king i bring the latest map over the sea line defense" he said as he place the map onto the table

" i have marked the sea mine zones with small stars and placed lines where the main fleet is at. i also placed our artillery placements on the map as the larger stars, once the half breeds come, they will be in for a fight. We’re able to cover a large potion of the sea mixed that with the cannons on the shore and on the walls, they wont be walking in" the man said
" Good work admiral Torben, and the back up plan is ready to unfold right? she is ready?" Wesley said before taking a sip of his mead
" Yes our druids made sure she is ready, using her like this however don’t feel right if i may say so" Torben said
" I know but we don’t have a choice. And Erik you got operation Snowfall ready?" Wesley said looking at Erik
" Oh its ready and primed, me and Frej have been over it and it’s already started"" Erik said while Frej nodded
" Then let them come, they wanted a fight, they wanted a war, we did not start this but we will sure as hel finish it" Wesley said



post opened back up to finish the story, per request of both participants.


Marius began issuing a stream of orders.

“I want trenches halfway up the slope. Put the artillery and throwers on the top, build them a platform to shoot from. Spread the riflemen along the line, make sure there are legionaries with melee in among them. Machine guns every 30 yards. Get your measurements for your cannon fire done, I want this pin-point accurate. Tell Admiral Aetius he may poke the tiger.”

The legions leaped to obey, and the formerly peaceful hilltop turned into a bristling array of weapons and men in a few hours. Meanwhile, Aetius received the message, and sent scouts ahead to find the Danheim fleet.

When only 3 of the 4 ships he sent out returned, reporting that one had blown up and sunk with no warning, he cursed angrily.

“Damnit, they mined the entrance. At least tell me you found their warship?”

“Aye sir, they are at anchor, most likely serving as blockships. Range is 20,000 yards.”

Aetius smiled. “Move out.”

The battleship engines churned, and the fleet moved out. After half an hour of sailing, the observers watching with their binoculars saw the dark shapes ahead, the naval of Danheim. The message was hurriedly passed down to the admiral, who set his fleet in motion to attack.

“Drop speed to 12 knots. Follow en echelon behind the flagship.”

The ships’ speed dropped, and the grand fleet moved in a rough, slow semi circle outside the range of the Danheim ships, and a few thousands yards away from the mines, which had been marked with buoys by the destroyers.

Inside the gun turrets of the Dreadful, the officers peered through their targeting reticules.

“Range…18,500 yards. Target stationary. Armor Piercing. Fire ranging shot.”

One gun raised slightly, and fired, the smoke rolling back over the ship. The shell landed short, a gigantic splash hitting the water.

“Range…19,500 yards. Armor Piercing. Fire Ranging shot.”

A second gun boomed, this time going over.

“Target straddled. Range 19,000 yards. Armor Piercing. Requesting permission to fire.”

From his position in the conning tower, Aetius whispered into the voice tube.

"You may fire when ready.

The lieutenant yelled, and yanked on a handle.


The battleship turrets boomed, belching a salvo of shots at the stationary Danheim vessels. All along the line of Valkorian ships, flares of light appeared, followed by a great clap as of thunder, that went on and on, shells in constant flight toward the enemy. Hits appeared instantly, the well trained crewed scoring salvos on the belt armor and superstructure of the Danheim pre-dreadnaughts.

Aetius smiled. “Signal the fleet, ‘Good shooting’.”


Wesley, Frej, Torben and Erik watched as their ships took fire, the fleet were not gonna lost long under the sheer bombardment however, hearing the mines had blown up taking a few of them in the blast were good enough for now. The ships had to do what they could, Wesley pulled out his Rune-Com " Prime the cannons, get the Mjølner crews ready for whenever they make landfall, if they make it on land and breach the artillery, dot the ammo and run back to the main force." he said over the Rune-com " Ships fire when ready, lure them close if you can, many of you wont make it back and the gods themselves has blessed you and you will go to Valhalla for this" Torben said over his own Rune-com
" Get the nests ready, Snipers load up and be ready at anytime to fire, and Berskers be ready to pop your heat potions you know the drill" Erik commed in
" VALKYRIES FORM UP we have to get ready to take flight you know your formations Seniors in front, load your machine guns and be ready" Frej said into her own as she left the others

Meanwhile on sea the Danheim ships opened fire, firing rounds upon rounds over to their foe mainly not hitting dead center on any targets but close enough for the water to splash onto the ships


As the Danheim shots failed to get the range, their destruction was readily apparent. One after another, as the gigantic Valkorian shells ripped through them, the Northern ships sank, a few exploding with a great roar.

Aetius smiled, as the last of the ships sank.

“Execute hard turn. Increase range to 25,000 yards, open fire on city. Use ammo as you see fit. Well done gun crews.”

The ships turned around, and slowed to a crawl, moving at 6 knots.

Fish in a barrel boys. Load High Explosive. Aim for the harbor defenses, and the houses."

The turrets began rotating.

Aetius sent another signal to his ships.

“Remember the villages burned. Remember the children slaughter. Happy hunting.”

The guns fired again, this time a stream of high explosive that set wood afire and turned houses into rubble. The gunnery crews fired several volleys at the harbor, smashing through wood and stone, and leaving the exit from the port blocked by sunken trade ships and rubble. Then they began switching fire from aiming for the top of the wall, and then to the houses of Danheim, repaying the burning villages of Northern Valkoria.


The bombardment were the signal for the cannons of the wall and shore to open fire, the cannons loaded up and started to fire on the enemy ships, these cannons had massive range and were able to hit their targets. 11 of the cannons focused their fire on three ships, the rune infused shells hit one of the three dead center in the main battery taking it out, while the rest were getting battered to hel, while none of them sunk they were in no shape to keep on fighting, meanwhile in the streets druids were running around putting out fires
" Remove anyone not manning the cannons from the front wall, its not worth losing them on the wall, theses foul half breeds can’t even take a up close and personal fight beside giving their trip here and the Kleriel already kicking their ass, they can’t keep the shelling up for long, so brace yourself for the time being"" Erik said over his Rune-com


As the Danheim port defense’s massive cannons knocked out the gunnery system of one battleship, and then began raining down hell upon two others, Aetius’ smile vanished.

”Concentrate fire on the enemy guns, knock them out.”

The combined fire from the Valkorian fleet turned its attention to the enemy cannons, who could be seen by their muzzle flashes.

Instantly smothered in a hail of HE and AP shells, the guns were destroyed, or their crews wiped out. The sections of wall upon which they were mounted crumbled, great tears appearing as the hundreds of tons of explosive ripped through the stonework.

”Signal the fleet, ‘Ceasefire and lay smoke. Result ammunition. Battleship Indomitable, return home. Well Done.’”

The Valkorian destroyers dashed forward, and the fleet vanished in smoke, heading back towards the troop transports with their extra ammunition. The badly injured battleship limped home, arriving some weeks later with a heavy list and thousands of tons of water inside the hull.

Aetius sent a message to Marius.

”Tiger poked. Danheim burns. Prepare to receive counterattack.”

In the distance, the legions watched as the enormous city burned far into the night, and in the morning saw the gigantic smoke cloud that hung over the place. Firs still burned, but most had been extinguished. The place was now a ruin of twisted stone pillars, bodies, and shattered ships lying wrecked in the harbor.

Marius readied his army to withstand the hammerblow of the Danheim revenge attack.


under the night the Daheim troops had moved into place to fight a dawn, the machine gun nests were set up in the dark, the mortar teams took place. The Valkyries had moved before nightfall out of the city to form up on a near by mountain so they had the skies covered, they were the first to to fire

Frej stood infront of her Order sisters

" THESES FOUL BEASTS WANTED THE NORTH NOW THEY WILL GET WHAT THEY WANTED!, THEIR PRICE IS BLOOD. We will fly high an gun down upon our foe after the first run, the mortars will fire, their thunder is our signal to spread out, remember the formations five in each wing, so now the mortars fire the nests will open up for a massive hail of bullets, the Snipers are in place and ready to start picking off their troops. Our main force will start their assault soon after, this is gonna be a joten bloodbath and it wont be pretty" Frej said to her battle sisters,
As dawn came, they spread their wings and took flight racing forward to the enemy when in range, they fired, the hail of bullets took the Valkorians by a nasty surprise due it came from above. Soon after the sound thunder struck the skies as the mortars open fire raining down rounds on the encampment, which gave the signal to the nests to fire up soon shells and rounds raining down on their foe


As the Valkyries began firing, the Valkorian line came awake abruptly, the men arising from their positions huddled in the trenches. A few were cut down, the enemy flyers somehow landing hits. Marius, seeing the disarray this was creating, called up his skirmishers, who began sniping at the Danheimers, managing to pick off a few, while the flak guns posted with the other artillery, proving much more effective as their big bursts of shrapnel turned the heroic women warriors into puffs of red mist.

As the northern cannons fired, spraying dirt and blood along the trench line, the Valkorian weapons cut loose, their elevated position upon the hill giving them a clear view of the Danheim position. Marius’ men began hosing down the enemy lines. Bullets whipped back and forth, and cannon balls screamed through the air.

Marius, observing the enemy artillery fire raking his men, gave a quick order to his own artillery commander.

”Load Igni.”

There was a brief lull from the Valkorian army, during which dozens of men threw up their hands and collapsed. A second later, the entire line exploded in a rush of fire, and the entire Valkorian cannon battery fired, their shots hitting in and around the sniper and machine gun nests, and the enemy heavy weapons.

Flames burst from the shells, clinging to everything. Danheimers screamed, as the fire that never stopped burned, human torches blazing in the daylight. The woods and brush caught fire, as the flames of Valkorian Fire turned the ground in front of the Valkorian position into a fiery, living hell.


The mortar and nests were fastly replaced by
the Danheimers, thoes on fire dropped on the snow putting it out,
other died in the flames, the Valkeries changed target and went for the
Flank Guns dropped down bombs, sitting it’s ablaze while they took their casualties.
The bombardment and suppressing fire kept going. It was the units of valkeries from
within the city started to arose from the it’s walls, Berskers all pumped on potions
started to charge, followed by warriors and shield maidens alike, they charged at their foe,
while the Valkorians opened their fire and cut some down, it did not take long before the first
Berskers had made their way. Thanks to the Danheim Weaponery being so universal that switching
from long to close combat was not something that, would force them to drop or switch weapons. The
berskers had no issue when the combat became close. Soon enough warriors of Danheim dropped into the
battle bullets and melee weapons flying around


As the continued struggle between the Danheim Air Force and the Valkorian AA crews continued, movement burst from the tree line, several hundred meters away. Masses of men, thousands of troops charged out, and began rushing up the hill towards the Imperial line. Danheim cannon opened fire in renewed earnest, attempting to cover the assault. The roars of the berserkers as they chanted while they ran were disturbing in the extreme.

Marius was not disturbed, he was delighted.

”Take out those flyers, now. Order the batteries of weapons along the trenches to maintain fire on the enemy infantry. Switch to melee weapons once they get within 10 yards.”

The Centurions barked their orders, and hell broke loose upon the charging Danheimers. Their formation was cut to pieces again and again, heaps of men falling as the machine gun and rifle fire took their dreadful toll.

Cannon balls and mortar shells impacted in the legions’ lines, send men flying as the viking artillery found the range and exacted their price.

As the Danheim general continued feeding his men into the bloodbath on the hill, more flying northern troops appeared, and fell upon the artillery of the Valkorians, slaughtering the tired gunners. The legionaries manning the machine guns were forced to reload, and in that moment the Danheim infantry finally made it to the trench lines, a few seconds of silence reigning as the Valkorians switched to melee weapons.

With a titantic clash, the lines met, heaving at one another. The legionaries smashed and battered, their swords drinking deep in the bloodfest that covered the line of fighting men. The Danheim troops fought savagely, their smaller size helping when they managed to break up the line, but becoming a detriment when they were confronted by a shield wall of legionaries.

The axes of the berserkers ran red that day, the Battle for the North. Such a conflict had not taken place since the Norsemen first came to the north, and overthrew the Dwarven realm which they supplanted. Their voices rose in a terrible shout, their songs to Thor and Tyr echoing over the conflict.

“One arm, one fist
One battle in the night
So pale, so stiff
Defeated by Tyr and his might”

“The raging thunder strikes
May gods be with us
My sword of doom is wet
Around me blood, tears and death”

"My god of justice (in your name)
Guide me to victory (and pain)
Remember the fallen (Fall of the Brave)
Make it your day"

"My arm and fist
Great jaws of fire
So brute, despise
Bloody desire"

"In moonlight Fenrir cries
I stole his freedom
Now Gleipnir holds him tight
Made out of spittle and breath"

"My god of justice (in your name)
Guide me to victory (and pain)
Remember the fallen (Fall of the Brave)"

"Make it your day
My god of justice (in your name)
Guide me to victory (and pain)
Remember the fallen (Fall of the Brave)
Make it your day!"

The Valkorian troops fought steadfastly, not giving ground. Their swords darted back and forth from the shield wall, enemies reeling with punctured limbs and eyes. The Centurions walked back and forth along the segments that appeared to be breaking ,steading the men. Wherever it broke, the officers sold their lives dearly, the Danheimers raising a triumphant shout whenever one fell and his proud crest was placed on the head of an axe or spear.

The battle raged for hours, the Valkorian size, discipline, and training balanced equally by the ferocity and numbers of the Danheim army that sought revenge for their shattered homes. Marius stood, directing streams of reinforcements whenever the legions threatened to break.

But as night began to fall, the Danheim troops began to waver. Despite their bloodthirsty desire for revenge, none but the berserkers could fight forever. The Valkorians too began to falter, exhaustion about to overcome their discipline. The sun began to set upon the bloody field, and the Danheim forces withdrew. Shouts echoed behind them.

“VALKORA! INVICTA! VALKORA! INVICTA! VALKORA! INVICTA!” The Valkorians found new strength, and began cheering. One centurion, bloodspattered and covered in gore, stood aside however. As the cheering finally died down, he raised a second shout.

"BENE PUNGATUM! BENE PUGNATUM! (Well fought!) " he shouted, again and again. The legions caught up the cry, and cheered their courageous opponents.

The Danheim troops roared back a response in norse, and the sun finally vanished below the horizon.

The wounded screamed and moaned, and the Valkorians worked throughout the night, helping the wounded of both sides, who lay thick upon the trenches and ramparts, sliced by axe or stabbed by sword. Thousands of bodies covered the slopes of the mountain, the price of the Danheim charge. On the melee battleground itself, thousands more lay, Valkorian and Danheim together, all gone to another world.

Marius was issuing orders, when Admiral Aetius entered his tent. The general greeted him.

“Salve. All well with the fleet?”

Aetius shook his head. “I have received a message from the Emperor, ordering us to withdraw.”

Marius exploded. “WITHDRAW?! Admiral, the enemy is running and he will KEEP running, if we press him! Now is not the time to retreat!”

“The Shah of Kaveh has returned. He destroyed the Keelish navy and airforce, and is moving back to his home. Caesar wishes for us to be in a position to deal with him, should conflict arise.”

The general digested this. “Oh.” The machinations of politics disgusted him. “We withdraw so protect ourselves from an ally?”

“No. It appears the Kavehans have changed. I have brought the fleet to embark your men. The attack si over.”

After a few more gritted-teeth sentences, the general began the process of moving his army off the silent mountain, covered with the slain, and feasting crows. The Valkorians worked throughout the night, almost dead on their feet, and returned to the sea from which they left. In the morning, all that the Danheim forces found were the badly injured who could not be moved, and 15,000 bodies, both nations’ dead mingled together.

The Valkorians left the north, moving east and around the continent, and vanishing from Keelish radar and Northern detection within a day.

Thus ended the Battle for the North.
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