[CANON] [RP Episode] A Devil and A King


Your Grace,

Forgive me for daring to disturb someone as important and busy as you, but I’m afraid the situation here is rather urgent.

In the Storm last night we heard a loud crashing noise and went to investigate in the morning. We found a large trading fleet shipwrecked on the shore east of Lexindon. The people there are in dire need of food, water and building supplies to build shelter; we’re trying to help as much as we can but we are mere farmers, and we don’t have the funds to continue. Please Your Highness, They are kind souls, they have been wounded and disease is sure to spread soon. Bless these people with your presence and show them the kindness of Lexindon.

We hope to see you soon.


Later, in Lexindon…

A flood of voices entered the parliament, arguments for and against the traders.

“A large fleet of trading ships? How can we trust that these people are mere traders and not an army that failed to attack our developing city?!” clapping and booing ensued, judging the statement.

“Enough!” The King rose from his seat, ordering the commotion to a halt, his crown gleaming in the candle-light. “These people are in great need of Lexindon’s help. We are a kind and welcoming nation; let us open our hearts to these people! This matter will be discussed no longer. Send a letter saying that I myself will be arriving there in three days with food, water, building supplies and a small band of 50 men to protect them. I am understood?” The King said turning his head to face the council.

All council members turned to the King, bowing. “Aye, Lord, forgive us.”


Two days later

The king and his men set out with the promised supplies, along with 50 guards. This was exciting, as well as unnerving for Alexander I and his council, for they hadn’t yet encountered any foreigners, They’d heard rumours of civilizations somewhere beyond their mountains, but that was all.

The royal representatives entered Framington, a border town with more livestock than its’ citizens. As usual the common folk were busy and working, tending to their crops and to their customers.
“Behold! Our king is here!” A young man chanted, as many of the town’s inhabitants scurried to meet the travelling party.
“Your majesty, it’s an honour to have you here.” the young man proclaimed, bowing to the King.

“Greetings, My loyal subjects!” Alex said with glee.
“I received word of the foreigners. I heard of your generosity and kindness, helping them however you could. I applaud you for welcoming them and showing them our people’s kind ways.” The king unmounted his horse, and took out a bag of gold.

“Here, take this gift for your town’s troubles.” The king demanded peacefully, handing the satchel to the farmer. “Now, lead us to the wreckage site.”

“Th-thank you… M’Lord! And, yes… come with me." The young farmer lead them through the forest. As they came to the top of a hill, they were met with the sight of the tattered encampment and the shipwrecks.


“HALT!” A voice shouted from the forest “Who goes there?”

“My friend! Please do not worry, we bring supplies and guards from Lexindon to support your struggling camp!” The King pleaded.

“Ah, ‘The Northern King’, Ey? We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival, please, follow me and I’ll take you to our, fine leader.” The guard said mockingly.

As if by magic the trees parted, revealing a path down towards the camp and uncovering a group of archers, who escorted the King and his men to the rundown settlement, the conditions were terrible, people were resting in broken down ships and makeshift tents, and multiple families were separated from the others due to sickness.

One of the archers spotted the devastation on Alex I’s face and spoke up, “Aye Lord, the conditions here are horrible, we do our best with what we have though, sadly this is all. In here is our leader, Prince Sigismund of the Ebongraspian Empire, I’d advise you bow in his presence. Good luck.”

A small band entered the tent, the lookout that greeted and escorted the King, two guards and the King himself.

“Prince Sigismund, ‘The Northern King’ is here to see you my Lord, he has brought a small amount of guards, supplies and food for our struggling camp."

“Wonderful! Bring him in and uh… You, lookout. I want a word with you later to thank you for how you welcomed our esteemed guests, come and see me as soon as the sun sets.”

“T-Thank you Lord, I’ll be here as soon as the moon rises Sir.” The Lookout bowed, shaking.

“Lord? Sir? Please, please, don’t be so formal, we are all reduced to mere peasants here, no point calling anyone master…” Sigismund chuckled with a sinister smirk. “Now then, welcome to my humble abode friend. You must be the young ‘Northern King’ I’ve heard so much about, right Alex? Please, sit.”