C4's Build Team Application


IGN: C4_55
Discord: C4
About You: I’ve headed many projects, unfortunately I don’t think any of them have reached completion, most of the time due to lack of commitment, problems within the community, or just due to me having little spare time. I like to use texture packs a lot, simply because vanilla Minecraft gets pretty uninspiring after a while. I’ve run many servers, built for/ on many servers, so I have a lot of experience when it comes to building. I enjoy helping newer players get the basics, but give me a challenge with anything and I’ll try to rise to it.
Preferred Building Style: Anything really, but medieval is where I have the most experience.
Previous Build Team Experience: Honestly I can’t count how many build teams I’ve been a part of.
World Edit Experience: Plenty.
What would you like to learn?: Anything anyone is offering to teach.
Link to Screenshots: Keep in mind some of these are above 2 years old, I can’t really find too many screenshots. If need be I can look for some more, I know I have them somewhere:

I have a plot (ID: -10;9) I just started on the server, too:

Description of Builder Ranks

It’s not up to me, but I would’ve accepted you on that second screenshot alone.

To help assist in your application get something built in creative plots and add some screenshots of your builds using the default texture pack.

Best of luck!


Thanks, I do have a plot on the server, I mentioned it up above the screenshots.


The 2nd screen made my mouth water…


Hey C4,

gotta say, I like what I see here. Im going to pop over to your plot, take a fly around for myself, but this all looks very promising. I will let you know now that we typically work using the vanilla texture pack as a base, but it is not mandatory by any means.

We will get back to you after Nate (the other build leader) and myself have had chance to have a quick discussion. :slight_smile:


Aw man, the bdubs texture pack is great. Remember, @shatterjure ?


Please pop onto the build server when you can and start your physical application, i like the screentshots :slight_smile:


Only a month late Nate :joy: I’ve got some builds there already, and I believe you’ve seen them.