Good day everyone,

Some of you will have seen me buzzing around already, others will not. Either way, I’m Ariovistas. I’m 22, studying in university, and from the Netherlands. Snow is currently falling outside, which would be very nice if I didn’t have to go anywhere today. No such luck, unfortunately.

I’m a pure creative player - survival has never done much for me and I’ve not got into one of the other alternative gamemodes. I like pillars, arches, fountains and very big windows. Be sure to come say hi if you like. I’m still working on building a kitchen, but once I do, there’ll be tea.



hai <3


‘Ello there, mate-o


Welcome :slight_smile:


You know Iroh, which is reason enough for me to like you. Welcome! :smiley:


Welcome :smiley:


Welcome! :heart: