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Now we know. Ty Ahtheboy


I LIVE! Mwahahahahaha!


You can hold your breath for a really long time, I’m impressed.

Also @Ahtheboy if you ever need me to voice-act myself. I’m happy to pop you through a recording if you send me a script :slight_smile:


Well at least you lived until you suffocated and/or starved to death on the fall. You might come back to life later…


I’ll take it! Anything to get another chance at fame in the film industry.

(Also your animation fits with another idea I was kicking around for some alternate gameplay plugin ideas- so I might make this more of a reality than you know.)


I just put up another short one scene animation to follow up on the series. I have been trying to upload a short scene once a month.


The idea for my series came to me in a bizarre dream involving being trapped in a magical dimension that was collapsing. What were you planning?


This may appear in the next scene.


I am thinking of an in game way to penetrate the lower bedrock layer and players jumping into the void. If they have achieved a certain quest or retrieved an item them are protected from void damage and would be teleported to the end. as an alternative to strongholds since I was looking at a custom world and they wouldn’t auto-generate.

I’m also trying to think of neat alternatives to using this mechanic as a way to get to the end. Like maybe having them land atop the Nether and do some custom terrain generation on top of the nether. Maybe that’s where the Nether Lords live and the normal Nether is below.


Sorry about the delay for the next animation. I am still working on it.


Looking stunning!