Blender Animations and Images


Can you do an animation of my Jurassic park when I finish please?


I, for one, would enjoy being eaten by a velociraptor.


I would be interested in doing this, but I don’t think that I would be allowed to or able to collect terrain information. So far, I have used scenes that I have built in single player worlds.


Ill make the island and you can use schematica to put it into a single player world. I also wouldn’t mind pushing bluekelp into the raptor cage or riding one.


You’re gonna ride a bluekelp…well then…


I’m sorry that it is taking so long to render. I will go ahead and work on the next video in the series. I had to re-render some parts.


This is the animation:

I will be working on another animation at some point.


love it- the drama, the intrigue, the action!!


I am working on the next animation now.


The animation will be set some time after the one before, so the damage done by the Vanguard Empire that was originally caused by NyxLG and BlueKelp running out of airplane fuel and being turned into monsters will be more obvious.

Was it clear that Claire was killed and replaced by someone disguised as her in the last animation?


It was


I have been doing some building for this animation…


I completed some of the animation for this scene.


I completed this part of the animation:


I am still working on the animation, and I will hopefully be done some time soon.

Here is a picture of a body of water in the animation:


I have finally finished the animation. I might try to make shorter animations posted more frequently in the future.


Some things that will show up over the next few months…
Mystery Image #1

Mystery Image #2

Mystery Image #3


Im surprised you dont just use the flame and smoke simulator built into the program


I released the animation:


I tried to make the smoke appear similar to how it would in Minecraft. I hadn’t thought of trying to use the smoke simulator.