Blender Animations and Images


Hopefully this image won’t give too much away about my continuation animation:

(This is a scene in my next animation)


Is this the one where I make a plugin that becomes sentient and takes over the server and players have to band together to fight it and free the princess (not sure if that’s Claire or Jon xD ) trapped on level 30 of the tower the AI lives in?


No, I am afraid that you are stuck as a purple slave to the Vanguard empire attempting to infect other players. I will be giving other members of the server community turns to appear in this series.



I created a time-lapse for anyone interested of setting up the scene that I have been working in:


Another time lapse video:


I am continuing to make progress.


I will now be continuing to work on the animation:


I have another image from the animation that I will post. I just have a little bit of additional animation for some rigs and some facial Shape Key animation to complete before I will finally be ready to render this part.


I am finishing up the night time scene in the animation, and I am starting to work on the next…


I will make the waves more spread out now.


Unfortunately, I will be discontinuing my RoA series where @Nyx and @Bluekelp got killed and turned into monsters. Instead, I will be starting up a new series called Bluekelp Dances on Blocks. Hopefully, this is the right thing to do for my channel and the reputation of @Bluekelp.
Here is my first episode:

More Info:
Why did I stop making my other series?:
I realized that I had ruined it by killing off @Bluekelp so early, and I wanted to make
it up to him. I also realized that no one would watch it without @Bluekelp.

What makes this new series exciting?:
Each episode, there will be a new block that @Bluekelp dances on! This first episode
will have polished granite, but in the future I might make exotic blocks from mods. Some of these blocks that I might consider are Buildcraft pipes, Thaumcraft crusted taint, and decay blocks from Mystcraft.

Who made the music?:
I made it with Garageband, Audacity, and some painful earphone experiences.


This was an April Fools joke, and I am not ending my other series.


Pretty funny video nonetheless.


I, for one, would like the new series to continue. Can we add some melons and maybe have me dance on something cool like cobble or dirt?


I have started rendering this part.


I now have more time to work on the animation, so here is part of the next scene that I will be working on:


I have made the image less blotchy, and the lighting was improved.


Having worked on this animation for at least 10 minutes for each day that has passed since early this year, I have finally finished animating it. I plan on rendering the second part and posting the animation sometime in the next couple of weeks.


This is another image of the scene