Blender Animations and Images


I used most of these features in my latest animation, and between the last several animations, I have used all of them. Some of these things are useful for certain objects, such as the bloody bodies of NyxLG and Bluekelp. The overlayed textures were also used in the painting, breaking blocks, and the world foliage to create different biome colors. Particles were used in the smoke and explosion. The normal map was used with the water, a displacement map was used for the foliage (I forgot to ask about a displacement modifier). In one of my older WOA animations, I animated a lever with a built in addon. The animated furnace textures and the animated phone texture that Martyn held in my final WOA animation were both videos, and fire that has been used in my animations used an image sequence.

Some of the other things from my list that were used in my recent animations:
• The graph editor was used to alter the keyframe interpolation for my airplane.
• I made a couple of rigs that had both IK and FK rigging, and they were used my latest animation.
• I have used both fog in the compositor and volumetric fog.

As you can see, I regularly use this added functionality.


Cool trick:

Take any mesh, preferably with lots of detail, and use the “remesh” modifier.

From there change “sharp” to “blocks”. Instantly change any mesh to basically MC format so you can go build it!


Now to find myself a ship mesh. Good tip! What program you use for something like that?


This is still Blender


I made an enderman rig:


is he trying to squat? xd


I was trying to find a way to show all of the joints and movable parts bending at once.


I made a skeleton rig:

I also fixed the bow model that I had before, and it should be more suitable for use in cycles.


I had to go back and connect the legs and the body to make it more usable.


I have started working on the continuation of the previous animation. In this animation, I am going to try to create a realistic sunset:

Late Afternoon Period:

This is close what normal daytime looked like in my last two of animations, but I altered the color around the horizon to have red in it because the sun is so low in the sky.

Evening period:

As you can see, I created a new type of sun that is based on the sun in minecraft as apposed to the white glowing sphere sun that I used in previous animations. (Material for visual sun object):

To fade into the night scene, I added a sphere centered at the camera that moves with the sun. I animated a mix node to control how transparent this sphere was. I also animated the world background sky to fade to a dark blue and had the sun lamp slowly dim.

Night Period:

At this point, the sky background is a dark blue, and since the sphere showing the stars is set up so that it doesn’t actually block or emit any light, the world reflects the blue light beyond the star sphere. The sun lamp is completely off here.

As usual, I oriented the sun according to a specific latitude, time of day, and season. The seasonal tilt is 10° south (The place where the sun would be at the zenith of the sky is in the southern hemisphere in this animation), the latitude is 50°N, and at frame 0, I have the time set to be 4:00PM. (It is still afternoon at that time)

Please tell me if the colors are off.


Would anyone be interested in seeing time lapse videos of me animating?


not really interested but you should do it for those who are curious


What machine specs are you using to render the animations


Why do you want to know?


Just curious on what you render them and why it would take as long as it does


that can be alot of things slowing down the rendering like space, ram, CPU, hell even the motherboard itself


You can render using your GPU fyi


Look at dis pwetty dwagon on bwender:


I mean, I wasn’t wrong – we almost made it, right?


Well, you were essentially turned into thaumcraft* taint monsters after having been killed in a huge explosion and crash. You were also forced to be slaves to the Vanguard Empire, and their intentions probably aren’t very good considering that they had to create monsters to go out and do things for them.

*A modification that adds thaumaturgy and magic to minecraft. Taint is a dangerous thing that forms in the world, and it can infect mobs and terrain. It is in several modpacks.