Blender Animations and Images


I currently have 48 seconds of my animation completely finished, and I have at least 36 more seconds that I plan to add. I also made some new music for the upcoming animation.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I don’t plan on putting out more screenshots until I am about to release the animation in a week or so.


Still plenty of time to rewrite the script so in the end I save the day, get the girl, and strike it rich, right?


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Ahtheboy we are being sarcastic xD and generally annoying lol. No hard feelings intended


I am doing everything I can to get the animation done within the next two weeks, but the rendering is taking some time even with more than just my computer being employed.


I now only have 45 out of 1017 frames to render, so I should be able to post the animation tomorrow. However, the next animation is something that I will need to figure out.


I see you animate Minecraft.

I too have begun to do so!


Good for you! What animation software do you use?



it’s like you can make minecraft animations but without the hassle of blender

and it’s quick too


xDDDDDD <333


I know that I said that I would probably upload the animation tomorrow, but I have decided to upload it now due to sudden progress.
This is the animation:


For reference, here was my first animation with blender:


Here were some of the renders that I withheld until the animation came out:


I am curious about how much control you have with Mine-imator, so I will ask a few questions:
Can you animate the sun in a realistic path and animate the sky?
Can you animate transparency or overlay textures with different uv-maps?
Can you create particles? What kinds of particles can be made?
Can you use videos or image sequences as textures for objects?
Can you create normal maps and control the angle of reflection across the surface of the object without changing geometry?
Can you create the equivalent of shape keys or animate the geometry of objects beyond simply stretching them?
Can you modify the interpolation method between keyframes?
Can you make your own rigs?
Can you make inverse kinematic rigs?
What kinds of image compositing can be done?
How is fog created?


‘‘A few’’

  1. Yes

  2. When would you need half of those stuff