Blender Animations and Images


I have made progress during the past week:

I was having trouble getting the rigid body simulation shown to happen at the right time, so I had to bake it to keyframes and move the keyframes with the dope sheet editor.


Another image…


I finished off this section of the animation, and I have started to render it out.


I will be finished with rendering this part soon.


I am still making progress on the animation:

Village scene at night (The night after the plane crash):

Earlier scene before the plane crash:


looks cool


The denoiser is creating blurred areas, so I need to do some changes in that night scene. The last time I did a night scene in cycles, there was a great deal of noise, and I want to reduce that in this animation.


I just finished a bed model that I may use in the future.


There are Minecraft assets on if you’re interested


In my next animation, NyxLG and Bluekelp will have fairly prominent roles. This is a part of the animation that I am currently working on:


I may add a couple of in game screenshots to scenes in my animations.


It turns out that by lowering the resolution of the screenshot to 50% what it was in this image cut the render time by almost 1/2!


Who would have thought :wink:


Does this mean I get royalties? Sweet!


lol I asked myself the same question. :stuck_out_tongue:


You and NyxLG probably won’t meet a very good fate in this animation…


Awww I died in the last animation…welp guess I have bad luck.


I’m up for the challenge. I am an excellent actor and will throw myself completely into the craft.

But seriously, about those royalties…


Sorry, no royalties for you.


He will work out royalties after you’ve successfully played your part and died.

You do your own stunts, right?