Blender Animations and Images


If you didn’t know already, I make minecraft animations with blender. I will probably post some of the animations that I make containing ROA content.
For now, here are a couple of new blender images:
Here is a model of Claire with my new rigged mouth:

Here is a foggy scene from my upcoming animation:

For a period of time starting a little bit before WOA’s collapse to just a few days ago, I have not had much time at all to work on animations. I should have a little more time this summer, so hopefully this next animation will be done before too long.


I am continuing to make progress with my next animation.


I now have the ability to overlay textures with animated UV maps. I might use this in my upcoming animation.
There is no longer a video here, but I do have an image:

(The red color on Martyn’s face is a texture overlayed with a specific node setup that I came up with.)


I will be able to make some additional progress with my animation for the next week or two. For now, here is an improved scene:

I have been busy recently, so I was unable to make progress with my animation.


I am still making a little progress on the animation, and I recently made this IK villager rig:

I have added IK rigging to my player rig as well, so it should be faster and easier to put out future animations.


I am going to be rendering out the second to last part of the animation. Now all I need to do is create the next short scene and render it after what I am now rendering is done. After I do this, I just have to add sounds and create transitions between scenes.


I am almost done. I just need to finish rendering the part before this and I will be able to add sounds and finish the animation:


There are also a couple of other small changes that I intend on adding to this final scene.


The animation has been posted:


I am still thinking about what I might want to do for my next animation.


Lol. Nice video. I can’t tell if there’s a wolf and pigs (three little ones) joke going on here but good job. Glad to see he final project and looking forward to the next one/s!


I spent a couple of hours today figuring out how to create smooth biome color boundaries in my animations, and this is my first test:

Method for creating the biome boundary:
Before I could create a foliage transition, I needed to create a new material for the foliage. To do this, I separated all of the faces in the scene that contained foliage materials. I even included the dirt faces to make it more consistent with the rest of the biome. I decided not to include water, and used a completely different material for it.

I created a texture map of the colors in a biome using an image editor, then I went into orthographic mode and viewed the scene from above. I then created a new uv map for the foliage object and unwrapped using my perspective on the scene. I used the uv map on the biome map texture that I had made and mixed it with the RGB of the original terrain textures before using the alpha of the original textures to create transparency.

This image also has a compositing setup similar to what I used in my most recent animation.

This is the biome map texture for those who might be curious:


Any chance your good at creating 3d models? I’m trying too add much more of them to the allura texture pack. Things like furniture, vehicles, anything really


That would depend on the format. I could create obj files, but aren’t resource packs modeled with json files?


Actually, I think that there might be an addon that allow me to export .json files. I know how to model things in blender, so I could potentially help.


Well you can make the files in cubik studio, or blender probably, and then save it as a json, but the hard part is tying it to an item in-game, and then making it place-able when put in an item frame. I already have a good bit of examples in the pack, but i borrowed them, part of why i can publish this pack yet. I’m trying to figure out how its done right now so i can make more of them.

I bought cubik studio to start learning lol but i have no idea where to start. Would be cool to collaborate.


Okay i found a starting guide for modeling with optifine using jpm format, im putting it here so i can use it later lol (im at school) if your interested in just looking at it, its a new feature with optifine, big game changer :PP


I have started using blender 2.79, and I am starting a new animation:


I was having trouble with artifacts, but it turns out that it was caused by the distance from the origin in blender.


I have been trying to make some progress with my animation every day, and I have started a new part to the animation: