Big hole


Ok. I have a big hole to dig for my new faction. It’s 77x55x106, which doesn’t sound massive but it’s a hell of a long time to do by hand.
Before I make the commitment to do so, I would like to ask @Owner / @admins if I would be able to get w/e assistance with this (I did try on Discord but it got a bit buried).
If not I will break out the pick and break some rocks (for about the next 6 months, given my half hour a day parental limit)


I could get on at some point to dig for awhile. Also set up a temporary beacon to make things go faster.


half hour a day parental limit :joy:


ouch, I used to only have 20 minutes a day…4 years ago xD


M8, I had to dig my hole out by hand >.>
Also my limit was 2 hours a day back when I was like 14
Of course I kept finding ways to bypass this limit :laughing:
The easiest of solutions is to install windows on a usb drive and boot from that


Had to do mine barefoot back in the day.

In the snow.


both ways


Oh forgot
Issue resolved
@staff close please