Ariovistas build team application


IGN: Ariovistas
Discord: None
About You: Dutch, also sarcastic, fond of pillars and tea.
Preferred Building Style: Gothic medieval and baroque
Previous Build Team Experience: None
World Edit Experience: Fully proficient
What would you like to learn?: How to make a decent landscape
Link to Screenshots:
First house I finished on the server:

Second house I finished on the server:

Edit: Added screenshots


Hope to see screenshots and a new member too the team soon!


Added a screenshot. More will be added as builds are finished.


This looks great, if @Siilvarra agrees I’ll give you the go ahead to start a physical app on the build server.


…are you kidding me?

You’re going to let me into the build team because of a house that took me maybe 20 minutes to build? (Ask Holy, he was there).

At least do me the decency of letting me finish my actual project and submitting images of that, and pretend that it was really necessary for me to spend a week and a half on it.




For clarification, Nate was suggesting that we let you begin phase 2 of the application, not simply let you into the build team. One build isn’t sufficient, hence we have multiple steps.

I however, would like to see the additional projects you currently have. When you have finished them, at that point, we will decide then.



Good, because those pictures were just uploaded.



Has any interior work been done for these builds, or is it all external work?


The small build has a full interior, for the large one it’s mostly pillars and balconies etc. No furniture or anything.

Interior is not my strongest suit.


Okay, well that is something we can look to work upon in the future.

I like the baroque build, it’s got good shape and a nice feel to the work, feeling formal and dignified, as a baroque build should. I would say I think you over did the grey on the outer towers, the underlying red is somewhat lost, but that would be my only real critique at this point.

Is there anything else you wish to submit for this application?


Not really. This is all I had in the works for now.


Oooooh, Ario we could work together quite well I think.


oof that second build is sexy. btw pretty sure discord’s required so youll probs wana get that


My bad I thought that’s all your were posting. I don’t like seeing someone build a huge app and not know they would have to do it again in the next phase, but by all means though post as much as you like. I tend to rely on the physical app in the end to judge builds since some people have plagiarized.