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If there was a donating app, it might be easier to donate to this great server (for some of us). Right now, if I want to donate I have to ask Mum to use her credit card through a site which she doesn’t fully trust (not being a part of the community herself). If we were able to donate via an app we could spend our gift cards on RoA rather than on myraid random mobile games, which is what usually happens.
I know this would take quite some time, but when the initial server things (congratulations on a month, btw) are sorted a look could be taken at this.


This seems like the kind of thing that would only benefit an incredibly tiny niche, meaning probably just you. The cost involved in making an app just for the sake of donating is totally disproportionate and doesn’t really make much sense from a business or ease of access standpoint.

If your mother has concerns about the safety of her credit card details, she can look up the security of Buycraft (the donation system we use), there’s lots of helpful information on that website, or she can set up a paypal account and pay through there. Which is pretty damn safe, and she’s likely to already have on set up if she does any kind of online shopping.

TLDR: Not likely to happen, too niche, too expensive, we’d rather focus on implementing other methods of online donation (e.g. bitcoin) rather than making a mobile app from scratch PURELY for … gift cards


Pekka- send me all your gift cards and I’ll donate a percentage of that to the server :innocent:. I like iTunes gift cards. :wink:

It’s awesome you want to support the server and I understand your mom’s caution. I guess you’ll have to “freeload” for now but maybe you can donate your time and effort to the community instead?

Maybe try helping new members, voting and spreading the word, and encouraging others to donate. This could end up being a net benefit to RoA in excess of whatever you could afford to donate otherwise.


My request for accepting paysafe as a payment menthod is still pending.

Which would also work for pekka :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your mum doesn’t trust PayPal? Interesting.


I like the Paysafecard idea.