Apocalypse Event


The Invasion

Boy: Grandpa, tell me about the great dragon wars!

Grandpa: Ah my child, I can barely remember those horrific days, when dragons stole children from their mother’s arms, burnt villages to the ground, and brought ruin the lands of our people. When brave souls devoted their lives to the protection of their towns, hunting the dragons to extinction. I am old now, and my memory fades, but yet I remember what our victory cost.

Boy: Wow, that sounds realy intense! But it’s just a story right? There’s no way they’d ever come back, right?

Grandpa: No, child. I would never think such a thing was possible, after all, we closed and sealed away the key to that dimension in the - - - what was that?

Boy: Grandpa? Why is the sky purple?



Brave soldiers of Allura, the time has come once again to defend your world from an otherworldly invasion. the Dragon Army have escaped their prison of the end dimension and have begun leaking corruption into the Survival Realm. Grab your sword, shield and bow, and get ready to farewell the Survival Map with a bang!

The Event:
The event will be broken down into four PVE challenges, hosted at capital cities and notable builds scattered throughout the Survival world, the information for each will noted in the section below (in chronological order):

1. The Destruction of the Cathedral
The Cathedral at spawn has become corrupted, and is serving as a power source for the portal allowing the Dragon Army entry into our realm. Destroy the Cathedral, locate the source of the power within and claim it for yourselves. The time for this event is as follows:


2. The Defense of Ebongrasp Hold
In this event, the brave defenders are tasked with holding off waves of incoming enemies, each more hell-bent than the last on destroying the keep, and all those within it. You need to hold out long enough for all of the civilians to escape the area, but be aware, sometimes those you are fighting beside may become briefly corrupted and turn against you. This event will be due to start at the following time:


3. Point Defence of Mon Taizon
You must do your best to defend three main magical generators in three different locations of the city in order to power up a device that will help lock these creatures away forever. Build defenses, set traps, and gather resources to get you through the fight.


4. Escape to Lav’osh Harbour
Starting at a small Silltown Village, you must fight your way down a winding path through an active warzone in order to make it to Kleriel Harbour and set sail to small island in which the device to re-close the portal is located. Will you be able to save the world, or will it fall to the hands of the Dragon Army? The times for this event are below.


Everyone who participates will get a piece of memorabilia in the Survival world. For those who are unable to attend, I will be streaming my perspective of the event, so even then you’ll still be able to tune in! If you have any questions, ideas or comments, leave them in the comments below or PM me a message on discord! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over this weekend!

REMINDER: Server rules still apply! Equipment will be provided for the event, but don’t be afraid to give your god gear one last hoorah too!