Anything Goes Here


There. Use discord if you want to chat outside of the RP episode please


You mistake yourself for being above the rest, when really you are mortal like the rest of us. This story isn’t just about you nor your heroics, this is simply a story. You don’t go around dominating everyone. This ‘‘test’’ of mine was never a test, it was a trap to disarm you, and there’s no way out without loosing your sword :wink: And your ego led you right in to it.


I did. I’m using the guards now. You have pretty good skills to pull that off too, i might add. I’ just going to defend my self as well as my character discription allows.


You mistake my caution for aggression, ive just done the hard way what I asked to be done the easy way in the first place. Relax :wink:


Do you mind if its a RP test rather than a in-game one? I don’t actually have MC installed on me computer rn.


takes like 5 mins to install lmao


Well, I guess I have to make another RP episode to do this…crap


Holy heck guys. @Aragottix @SirGeorgar
I love your episode


@Aragottix you want me to write the battle in this episode and tell it from my perspective, and then you write something like: “Three weeks later”


Sure. You know the terrain of Duskwind? Have you read my ‘‘something stirs’’ story? Its basically a mountain region with lots of lakes, rain is common, and north of the mountains is a flat swampland which is also part of the province. The place is populated by a humanoid-dragon like race.


Ahh thanks. Can you post your finishing comment, and then another one saying “a week later, in Duskwind…”


Georgar will have a tale to tell when he returns home for sure.


Boo ya!


You get a messenger with the “Puzzle” and then I show up with my prisoners in tow. Sound good?


@SirGeorgar @Aragottix
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okay. I wanted to use discord, but he wasnt replying.


Oh… I forgot we had that. Sorry bud, lemme bring this thread back on topic then…

I sware, I just got there…


made a sprite of holy because bored



Is here wearing one of those French hats


I was in the pub the other day with a guy wearing one of those, along with a partisan coat with them padded shoulders showing his rank-symbol-thingy. Was an old feller with a white beard, even hand a scar on his face. Legit looked like captain price so bad I would have taken a picture if it weren’t so freaking awkward xD