Anything Goes Here


How do I get those shaders?

Your Enchanced Minecraft Experience

Oo it looks much better in your texture pack! Thanks for sharing.


10/10 solution. Do it.


Aww f**k you. Lmao he changed it.


What? Why tho, it was funny and totally suited his outrageous character xD


Mmmmm you have a point there


Kind of reminds me of the Spartans…


Oh, so this is what he do when I’m not around, I’m actually impressed for once.


Lacking an OOC thread ill just use this…


You seem to have misread, there were no guards closing in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in the moment you were staggered, your sword was already gone luv.


Really? I’m still going to not give up me sword. I can change it so YOU get hit with the rock thoough


You admitted you got staggered but didn’t drop it, thats still a loss of your sword right there, what you do with the rock afterwards is your choice.


very well. Either way you’re still bleeding pretty bad from a rock bash.


you assume I stayed around in your proximity after pulling a stunt like that?


besides, there’s still a guard between you and me


Just go with it. You have those relfexes, I have those reflexes. Or I can throw it at you? :smiley:


not anymore


the guard that punched you didn’t go anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I can kill him if you want?


YOU know what fine. Let me re-write this. I didn’t know what you did afterward


If thats what you want, sure. See where that’ll get you.