Anything Goes Here


Oh god… Vidisin ]:c


So I decided to take a stroll on Ardacraft. I was gobsmacked.


Is this Ardacraft like a Tolkien texture pack? Cause Arda is that world that Middle Earth’s in?


Ardacraft is a Tolkien inspired build server where they are rebuilding the world that Tolkien created. The picture above is Harlond. And the texture pack is Conquest Reforged. Might just be one of the best build servers imo


This is how I imagine AXCOM ‘‘growing’’ meat xD



Water physics.


Anyone remember Oliver and Company?


Omg yes I remember that!


@Siilvarra you know, you dont hit ‘‘o’’ to make the little circle appear, you do ‘’-’’ and then leave a space between it and the text.

  • like this
  • and to make this, you just add another space before the ‘’-’’


That’s so annoying to look at. Siil why.

I’ll reformat it for him. For the sake of my sanity


Already did it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can i request for the Lore topics being open now, as I see Profiles are already?



oy i just watched that video 2 days ago xD


Thanks for sharing this… Actually very inspiring and educational! :slight_smile: Shame it took the video 5 minutes to get to actual content though…


I like how when they built it without any real purpose, like moving the machicolations of a castle out by a few centimeters, their excuse was ‘‘luks gud’’.

… oh crap … I do that. xD


Got a new dog yesterday. His name’s Toby.


Got a new pet spider yesterday. Her name is Nopy.


Say Hi to Toby for me! <33 :smiley: