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@Siilvarra 's true nature revealed


He’s just like me : D


I knew Siilvarra was a Xial!


Is this desert supposed to have its biome be set to plains?..

@Icalave @Claire88c


Pretty sure it is, otherwise all those lovely green leaves turn brown, if they are what I think they are (can’t tell, not familiar with the texture pack).


Yeah, it adds color to the leaves. Lots of custom landscapes do that - once saw a massive, lush jungle with a mix of mesa, desert, and swamp colors with webs everywhere. Looked really spooky, but yeah, biome types that don’t correspond with the landscape materials and structure are just there for grass and leaves color.


Oh, okay. Some time ago Jon was explaining how biomes of the same type get generated in groups, and this desert is next to a red sand desert, thats next to a mesa… and i was wierded out by it being plains with no other plains biome next to it. Or maybe there are, just dont appear as plains biomes.


Right, that is still the case, but the biomes themselves (in the vanilla sense) vary, to make for interesting colors. Some have a ‘noise’ effect to make scattered green grass colors. Like I found a spruce type biome, that has it’s vanilla biome set to swamp and forest. Grass is beautiful.




Ryū - jin no- ken o kuh -rae!





How big is the world now?


15K by 15K


30k by 30k. It has a radius of 15k (center to edge).


Whoops, I was off by a little bit. Listen to him, not me.



@Aragottix hey i remember this! XD