Anything Goes Here


You’ll never know.


obviously me.




pjedri tu
pjedri tam


Well, no, but you come in close second :wink:


Would it be me :wink:


No, not you either. You come in, like, 4th.


By an \y chance does this person’s name start with an “N.” Or at least nickname.


I love how everyone is now scurrying about wondering who it is as if they wanted Inceptus’ affection xD


How long does it take you guys to figure out I won’t tell you, really?


It’s not Nailo if that’s what your wondering.


It’s me.


Absolutely not.


It is slightly creepy how you all want to know who Cept likes. Hint: it’s RP

(Hey Cept, IDK you liked RP)


Im also one of those people who has a ‘‘special’’ list of favourites of people from this server as well x3 Its not a defined list though, im not that weird to have written it down or anything, also because people in the middle can change positions often, but people at the top and bottom of it are usualy stagnant.

It would be a great comfort to me if i were not the one on top of Incepts’ list however xD Im not touching that ass.


Oh lol, where am I on your list Ara? xP


Awww hydroid, i didnt know you cared <3 Though lets not number people by whom we get along most well with, everyone should know aprox where their place is with everyone on their own.


It’s not RP that hugs my butt.


I disagree. I get along with a lot of people better than some people on this server… Though, to be fair, most are equal and there are very few people I don’t get along with.