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Congrats on 200th post


Day 3 on Guns of Icarus xD

@ironly i know you own the game, come play with me & shat!! :smiley:


It doesn’t work on my computer. Else I would.


I have Guns of Icarus


Best playlist of writing advice ever xD


I made a screenshot compilation of my screenshots from 2017 on the server:

The thumbnail image was from an unusual visual glitch that I came across.


At 2:14
I see someone else is using the same tower top design as i am ;3


That is your tower top…


OH, now i see, yeah ik where you were. Didn’t recognise it.


you always have your shield up, even when not in combat lmao


I never know when I might suddenly find myself surrounded by hundreds of thousands of hostile mobs.


This is what I do in my spare time: read stupid fanfics from the late 1900s




My first time meeting the Ebony Warrior and I attacked him on sight. The army of the stormcloaks attacked and actually killed him on master difficulty xD

A few soldier died, but it was kinda hilarious seeing him getting rekt by them xD

I reloaded the game after killing him so I can fight him fair and square


Ebony Warrior


Very nice! : D



I’m clueless.


lol that ending xD


When playing dragon age inquisition, i somehow managed to fall through the floor, and ended up next to this… thing, under the castle xD Along with some baby bed time sounding music.