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I was in the pub the other day with a guy wearing one of those, along with a partisan coat with them padded shoulders showing his rank-symbol-thingy. Was an old feller with a white beard, even hand a scar on his face. Legit looked like captain price so bad I would have taken a picture if it weren’t so freaking awkward xD


maby it was a cosplayer

edit: ja šuti


Drinking game while standing on chair :stuck_out_tongue:


@Holy <3 <3 <3


Damn, you sure do know how to party!


Very important the the off topic chat stays on topic


What’s that texture pack?




Total War Battles: Kingdom has some nice crest designs xD



Well this was utterly awesome.


So is that how your men fight?


No, we don’t have a giant wall from which we jump down of also to get at the enemy, but the artillery shown and how they issue commands via drums is rather inspiring.


For you Stellaris players :wink:

I usually just moved a corvette in and out of their territory infinitely, but that was tedious and I didn’t get anywhere. This looks like a simple win xD


mmm stellaris…need to reinstall that someday


yay im getting gud


experimented with horse walking and camera angles with this one:


How to turtle in AoE2: