Anvil max cap


Ok, this is an obvious one.
It would be great if you could do enchantments on anvils with a level >40. For example, I have a nice book I would like to add to a sword, but it says ‘too expensive’. A higher level cap would be great.
I know staff/devs are really busy at the moment, and this isn’t top priority, but when you get some time could we try and do this? It may/may not be a config option, but I will be looking for some plugins that can do this, and if anyone else wanted to that would be great.
Is this a common thing to want? I don’t think it violates the ‘difficulty code’ of some people (cough cough) as all it is doing is allowing us to spend more levels on improving items. It means that if we sink a ton of xp into a book, and then can’t add it to the item the xp isn’t wasted, but it doesn’t mean getting books/xp is any easier.

Custom plugin for RoA

I would love this addition if it’s possible


Find a plugin, that is preferably from this year, and we’ll look into it.


I think you can make any combination if you enchant books at the top level. What I mean by that is if you use two sharp 3 books and one sharp 4 book, it wont work. You need to use two sharp 4 books.


Found this, don’t know what it means by ‘working on servers without mod installed’. It’s a mod, so I doubt it will work, but can someone decipher the jargon? It’s beyond me.


Ok, kept reading up, and it seems this can’t be changed with only plugins (i.e. no mods). However, there might be a plugin that makes ‘super-anvils’ or something; instead of improving anvil function it just adds a new anvil with a different recipe and no cap.

Warning: random ideas incoming:
If we did this, we could make it cost much more iron, maybe a mending book or two, and in addition to no max cap it could be unbreakable (the anvil), or have more durability.

However, the cap is the main thing, and this might be a way around it.


Im no coder, but isnt this completly impossible?


From my limited knowledge of MC code it would be a little wonky to edit anvil caps due to it being engrained into the code and stuff, someone elaborate plz I dont exactly know how to say it


I realise that, that’s why I suggest a new anvil. It could be the same block visually but do different things (like the elevators). I’m sure this could be coded, maybe if @bluekelp finds himself with a vit of free time :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this is a waste of time. Maybe its just a game mechanic that if you enchant an item and then repair it too many times for you to be able to enchant it with more things, you wont be able to. That’s why you get mending, and the problem doesn’t exist anymore. Just make a god sword/pickaxe/bow/whatever right off the bat and be done with it.

Make a new item :stuck_out_tongue: