Anarchy Server


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an announcement. The Anarchy Server is launching!

Some of our more observant players may have noticed a new portal appear in the Hub, this will be your gateway into a new 1.13.2 world with no rules, and no protections. You’ll have only your wits and your skills to help you survive. It will go live at 7PM CST (see the link below for a count-down timer, to save on timezone conversions)

What do I need to know?
Anarchy is largely vanilla. The most notable exception being that you will still have access to parties (same commands as usual) and will still have access to party homes, party chat, etc. It will be a regular MC terrain gen.

THERE WILL BE NO RANKS this is primarily because anarchy is currently incompatible with the underlying permission system that we will be releasing in a future update. It also means everyone is on a level playing field (one home each + party home)

Griefing, PvP, Looting and death-traps are all allowed, you can fight as dirty as you like as long as you fight fair.

  • Regular chat rules still apply
  • Regular respect rules still apply
  • No hacking/cheating/modifications/xray rules are still the case. We want it to remain fair.
  • No traps that leave people unable to type/require mod intervention to get them out. (I.e. trapping them in nether portals)

Anarchy is designed to give something new for our playerbase to do while we work on the survival reset. No progress will be carried over to Anarchy from either new or old survivals. It is completely stand-alone. It will be reset with every major patch to give players room to play with new features while we update.

NOTE: This server is 1.13.2 and is not backwards compatible, it can be accessed via /anarchy , /server anarchy or through the rainbow portal in the hub. Once you’re in the spawn, push the button to be randomly teleported.



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