Altor Empire


Altor Empire

The Altor Empire is a no longer existent country that took up the general area that the NR does today. At its peak it was one of the largest and most influential factions of Crescera, along with the equally no longer existing Ironglade Confederacy.

  1. History
  2. Structure
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Important People

Long ago in the beginnings of the Realm of Allura, a tribe of stout-hearted humans set out on a journey to find a land they could call home. Traveling west, they came to a vast ocean and proceeded to map out every island, inlet, and shore they could find, obsessed with finding the perfect lands to settle. They called themselves the Altori (“sea farers” in their tongue) and the ocean Almos (“our sea”).

Despite many years of sailing as nomads, they found no land that suited them. By this time the shores were also beginning to be settled by other people. They ultimately decided to leave the waters. Leaving behind them the small holdfast of Altenes (later Qhionfort), they set out on foot and traveled north, further north than anyone in their time had. Their travels were full of danger and excitement. Many legends have been written about it. After about eight months of marching on, they came to a great field, crossing which they found mountains looming over them.

They came no longer before a massive wyvern emerged from over a mountaintop. Breathing cool frost, it lunged itself over the surprised altori. Flying over them, it spew its white flames ferociouslyall around the helpless humans, freezing many in their tracks. Those who could took refuge in nearby caves or scattered like sheep, praying for the beast not to hit them. After landing in the altori campsite and eating what was left of the horses and the people, the wyvern once again took of and glided off into the mountains. Caught by surprise, many of the altori were slain, but after gathering the remaining people in small caves along the mountainside, a few brave warriors among them took up arms and trekked into the blizzardy mountains. It was long and toilsome hunt, but in the end the dragon was tracked down and slain.

After burying his carcass where they destroyed him, the land remained wintry, despite the summery beaches and forests that lay around it. All that remained of the dragon was its icy skeleton. Its remains decomposed into valuable ores and minerals, beginning the bustling mining community known as Dragonspine. The fertile lands east of the snowy mountains provided them so well with food, that during the first few years of settlement, the altori population tripled in numbers. The heroes who had killed the dragon were hailed as heroes were elected leaders of their own clans. Andwall Froswither, the man who personally gutted the wyvern, claimed the snowy mountainous region for his own, calling it Wyvernsdale, in memory of the battle that they fought.

Beginning of an Empire
The five other lords, Lord Crowport, Lord Agetos, Lord Shonor, Lord Burdyn and Lord Keris, settled North and east of Wyvernsdale. One of these lords rose above the rest, calling the others together to a council. It was at this council that the lords elected him as their king, for his quick action, and display of leadership in the past. His name was Inceptus Agetos. He organized the six provinces; Wyvernsdale, Rosewater, Willowsong, Blackwood, Unarida, and Avirock to form the Altori Empire. He declared the capital Trinholm, Willowsong and settled there.

In the coming years, not much changed, other than the nation beginning to really get going. The king was involved in several projects, from diplomatic ones with the southern neighbors, as the foundation of villages all across Altor.

Around two decades after the nation was formed, a group of some 700 people arrived from the south-west by boat. These people called themselves the iceori, and were eventually granted permission by king Inceptus to stay in the kingdom, as long as they worked for their new homeland. The iceori settled mostly in the northern provinces of Avirock, founding a few all-iceori villages during the following years. Lord Burdyn of Dragonspine even made the iceori leader lord of a newly built fort in the eastern part of his province, which he called Rot Itiv (Man’s End in the iceori language of rayiti).

The Doom Of Two Kings

The altori lived in peace for over 17 years after the iceori arrival, but over time an uneasiness began to loom over the empire. About ten years previous, Inceptus had decided that his brother, Felkros, should rule along side him. He called the new government a “diarchy”. Ever since, both he and his brother were seen less and less in public, eventually disappearing completely, refusing meetings and summonings by the other lords. All communication with the rulers was cut off.

Eventually it was uncovered that the diarchs were worshiping the dark The Three-Headed God and had been corrupted by it. A civil war followed, in which parts of Avirock and Unarida, as well as most of Willowsong, was destroyed. The bodies of the rulers were never found, but were presumed dead, although some rumours has it that they fled to the Willowsong Woods, a forest off the eastern borders of the NR, entry to which is unadvised, due to it being believed to be the ancient birthing place of the evil religion.

Some Royalists deserters ventured south to the lands of Kleriel, where they terrorize the local with weekly raids and assaults.

From the ashes, the victorious rebels forged The Northern Realm, where they still live today.

Being an empire, Altor was a feudal society. The most unusual aspect of it was the kings decision to raise his brother to his side, making Altor the first ever “diarchy” in the history of Crescera.

Due to the capital of Trinholm being burned to the ground, all diplomatic documents from before the war were lost. All those who had connections to Altor had to make new deals with the NR.

† – Deceased
◊ – NPC
∞ – IRL

  • House Agetos

    • Inceptus I Agetos (m) - First ruler of Altor (†?) ∞
    • Felkros I Agetos (m) - Ruler of Altor (†?) ∞
  • House Frostwither

    • Andwall Frostwither (m) - First Lord of Wyvernsdale (†) ◊
    • Muzwall Frostwither (m) - Son of Andwall, Rebel, First to rally agains the crowns, New King of the NR ∞
  • Finwall Frostwither (m) - Second son of Andwall, Rebel, Master of Coin ◊

  • House Keris

    • Bern Keris (m) - First Lord of Unarida, Royalist, Last of House Keris (†?) ◊
  • House Shonor

    • Kewin Shonor (m) - First Lord of Blackwood, Rebel, last of House Shonor (†) ◊
  • House Burdyn

    • Confur Burdyn (m) - First Lord of Avirock (†) ◊
    • Ferus Burdyn (m) - Confurs son, Rebel, Last of House Burdyn (†) ◊
  • House Crowport

    • Borus “Axe” Crowport (m) - First Lord of Rosewater (†) ◊
    • Sieger Crowport (m) - Borus’ son, Rebel, Famous Combatant (†) ◊
    • Borus II Crowport (m) - Borus’ 2nd son, Ebon Flu took him at 6 (†) ◊
    • Altis Crowport (m) - Borus’ younger brother, left to live in WD ◊
    • Rose Crowport (f) - Wife of Altis, left to live in WD ◊
    • Davos “Dragon Slayer” Crowport (m) - Altis’ son, Rebel, Famous dragon hunter, Newest Lord of Rosewater ∞
  • House Crimson

    • Fenrac Crimson (m) - Head of House Crimson, Commander of Altor Royal Guard ◊
    • Sempez Crimson (m) - Son of Fenrac, Altor Royal Guard, Slain at Tiqemi during Civil War (†) ◊
  • Other Important People

    • Sir Georgar Shocklord (m) - Leader/Igniter of the Rebellion, WD Knight, Later NR General ∞


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I was an advisor to Inceptus and head of the trading outpost at Aëne. During the rebellion I basically watched, and didn’t join in on either side. Following the battle, I raided Cept’s supplies and left the Northern Realm alone. In the confusion of the rebellion battle I was presumed dead and promptly forgotten, explaining my absence from this lore.


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Whatever became of Fenrac Crimson when Georgar was denied entry into Zha’Til?


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