Alternative Multiplayer Games


Unfortunately, with current family stress and school, I do not have time for minecraft. As soon as one of them can slow, I should be able to play more often, but until then, I just cannot with my situation. Both are requiring a lot out of me, and at this point, one extra thing just isn’t possible. I miss this community and hope that soon I can re-join, but until my situation gets fixed, I just have no time. I hope to see you guys soon.


any1 league?


Just starting out in Space Empires 4.


if anyone is interested in SE4, let me know, Its on steam but goes on sale often. I bought mine for 1.99.

I have a DRM free version as well…if you are serious about playing, I’ll buy several copies next time it is on sale.

It was made in 2001 but has a lot of replay value.


Ok updated. Thank you to those people who put their information about by themselves. That made my job a little easier! :slight_smile:

However, for future reference if you are going to list your name below a game please keep the list alphabetical. Thanks!


Steam : Lord Hyken Wrylis of Shawdale
just kidding, it’s "Hyken"
Minecraft (obviously)
Counter Strike Global Offesive
Warframe (Uninstalled but will install again if anyone wants to play with me)
Chivalry Medieval Warfare (Uninstalled but will install again if anyone wants to play with me)

Right now I’m just playing Skyrim special edition for the past two months with 109+ hours xD


steam username is shatterjure (lol) and if you don’t find me thru dat find ‘‘Beachy Mama’’ (may be prone to change)


Age of Empires 2
Planetside 2
GTA 5 and online