Agents of Darkness


Pt. 1 - Stolen Supplies

The early spring sun slowly melts the snow covering Frostdagger, the settlement lying in southwestern Dun’Mogh. Sounds of blades hitting thick layers of hay is heard echoing across the small icy valley.
Three novice warriors are practicing their sword skills on finely-stuffed training dummies. Garias observes them as he passes by. Arms behind back and chin up, he greets the novices before walking off.

He’s on his way to the west side of Frostdagger. He and the head guardsman are to meet at the storage area.
Recently, some supplies have dissapeared. This is a paculiar matter, seeing how the area is always actively guarded.

Garias arrives at the scene.
’‘Any clues yet?’’ He asks the head guardsman.

The guardsman lets out a worried sigh;
’‘None yet, sire. Though we are starting to suspect badgers.’’

Garias smirks.
’‘Badgers, huh? Haha! I don’t doubt your men, but surely a wild animal is too dumb to sneak past five, fully alerted guardsmen?’’

'‘I know it sounds silly, but there’s always the possibility. I mean, badgers are quite a common sight in Dun’Mogh. We’ll keep on investigating though.’'
The head guardsman explains as he smiles reassuringly.

'‘Whatever… or whoever it is, perhaps we could set up a trap tonight? In case the perpetrators return?’'
Garias asks, confident in his new idea.

'‘Sound idea, sire. We’ll do that.’'
The head guardsman says as he nods.

'‘Excellent. I’ll be on my way.’'
Garias heads back to Snowhold keep.

Night falls over Dun’Mogh. The snow shines in the moon’s glow…

To be continued in part 2…


Pt. 2 - Trouble at Kle

It’s morning. Everyone at Frostdagger is gathering at the storage area.

The trap set last night has caught something…
…until it escaped.

This ‘‘thing’’ they saw was humanoid in nature. It freed itself from the trap and attacked the guards!
Then it ran off to the night.

Certainly not badgers…

Garias arrived to the scene. Injured guards was the first thing that caught his gaze.
*’‘What hapened here?!’’ Garias asks the head guardsman with worry on his face.

The guardsman turns to garias. He has alot to tell but knows very little detail-wise.
’‘Well, we caught something. But then it escaped and attacked the guards before dissapearing into the night. It was humanoid in nature, the guards tell me.’'
He looks down at the bloodied snow and exhales loudly.
’‘This worries me, sire. I recommend we station more guards in the streets at night for the time being.’’

Garias nods agreeing with the guardsman.
’‘Do what you must. What bugs me is, who would go through so much trouble to steal a bunch of supplies.’'
He raises his head in thought.
’‘Also, what exactly did that thing steal?’’

'‘It’s a very odd lot of items, sire…
…candles, sharpening stones, linen…’'

The guardsman is visibly confused…

It’s noon. Just after everyone leaves the supplies area, news is brought from the far away village of Kle. Bad news.
Apparently the village elder’s daughter has dissapeared during the night.

Guards are dispatched to investigate.

Upon their arrival, they are met with the village elder.
’‘I’m so glad you made it. We have been looking for any clues as to where she could have dissapeared. But the villagers are coming up empty-handed.’’

The guards reassure the elder.
’‘Don’t worry. We’re on it. We’ll find her.
In the meantime, to make sure the villagers sleep safely tonight, we will station a few guards at the village through the night.
Also, report any further strange occurrences.’’

The elder agrees and the guards head off to investigate the sorrounding region.

To be continued in part 3…


Pt. 3 - The Thief

Back at Frostdagger, the search continues for the thief who’s responsible for stealing the supplies.
The Yellow Cloaks put up a bounty for any passing adventurer to take.

Surely, soon a party of adventurers accept the quest. They begin looking for clues at the supplies area.

Not long until they find their first clue. Blood. A trail of it.
They follow the trail up the side of a mountain.

It leads them behind a tree.
The adventurers find a roll of bandage hidden behind this tree and the trail of blood also ends there.

They decide to look further. Perhaps the sorrounding mountains hide anything?
The search continues. After a few mishaps, such as adventurers ending up in holes and coming in contact with polar bear excrement, they find themselves at a cave.

Here the trail of blood continues. Perhaps the bandage failed to hold?
They make their way inside the cave.
Upon reaching the end of the cave they gaze down at a half eaten corpse. Bloodied and mangled, it is quite clear what happened here.
This person ran into the local wildlife and obviously luck was not on his side.

Amongst scattered stolen supplies, there is a parchement.
The adventurers pick it up and read it.

The parchment reads:

To be continued in part 4…


Pt. 4 - At Kle

The adventurers return to Garias with their findings. He is pleased and thanks them for their efforts.
Just before rewarding them, however, he asks for another favour.

He sends the adventurers off to the village of Kle to help with the investigation of the recent kidnapping.
Promised a great reward, the adventurers travel to Kle…

To be continued as story unfolds…