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Economy.exe has stopped working.

Economy is struggling. The consumers want building materials more than they want actual currency like emeralds and diamonds. Gems lose value since the mall’s shops are so few and so often out of stock. I don’t want to exaggerate this problem but it exists, and to have a thriving player economy we need more suppliers to meet the demand of certain resources like wood and enchanting books. With the few amount of players we have this becomes a problem we as a server have to face. It’s sad to see such a beautiful mall only have a few shops on the first floor with the second and third floor being almost entirely empty.

The same could be said for the entire server in general. So much work is put in to better the server, but so few play on it. Personally I haven’t seen there be more than around 15 players on the servers at once, and even then there are some people that are afk.

The economy’s collapse is harming ambitious players and turning them away from the server. This is an issue that needs to be resolved. Having more people join the server is a possible solution, as it would provide more possible suppliers. Other than that I leave this to you, the reader.

Feel free to discuss this issue in the comments, and don’t forget to check out Aenaen’s post too: Economy Broken


For consistency I’m putting my post here too:

There are some major issues in the survival economy at the moment.
Diamonds and emeralds have lost their value, because the large traders have almost all moved to skyblock and there is now very little to buy.
Instead, building materials like oak and cobble have become a pseudocurrency, but there is almost no supply for a massive demand. The natural response to this is to make it more expensive, but it will still be sold out at any price, and in general the people who have it either need to use it or don’t want now-useless gems.
Farming personally works, but is very slow to produce the massive amounts required for various builds.
I think we should return the farm world, so that there is an easily accessible supply of resources. This also allows people to get their own more effectively, releasing the massive pressure to supply for the few (i.e. Mxl) who are still trying to sell building materials.

Ore biomes are another isuue. The ease of access to huge amounts of resources is one of the reasons this market collapse has happened; when money is super common and resources aren’t nobody needs the money.
I think that, instead of setting a biome type (ice spikes) as an ore biome, there should just be random areas scattered across the world that have increased ore gen. This means that players still have the ability to gather resources, but they have to work to find them, or share with someone else.
Myself, I have told new players who are trying to get together 24 iron for some armour or whatever, to dig in ice spikes, and told them the location of the nearest one to them, but by doing so have contributed to this oversaturation problem. If ore biomes were not tied to surface features, players would have to actually mine in an area to see whether it was valuable, and this is too much work to randomly give away.


One potential solution to this problem is restoring the wood as a vote reward.
In the first couple months of the server, receiving roughly a stack of wood was a potential reward for a vote token. This would increase the supply, thus allowing wood to be sold again rather than hoarded like diamonds used to be.


The economy within survival is something that needs to be looked into, perhaps in relation to vote rewards, perhaps not. I do have a few ideas to hopefully help with both ends of the economy.

  • More money sinks for the wealthy, similar to shop rent.
  • Easier obtainable ‘common’ resources, most likely as a reward, but not a vote reward like you know it.

These things need to be discussed and I will be bringing the conversation up into open conversation when the time is right. A lot is being worked on in the background, which is all susceptible to change due to the upcoming 1.13/1.14 updates that may force us to change methods yet again.

Survival and SkyBlock both have issues with a 1% holding the majority of the server wealth, which is now felt by the survival community since a lot of them have relocated to SkyBlock.

My first answer to this is simply work. Fill the gap, profit off of the demand. I understand people cannot dedicate time into the game as much as others, but the main reason why the 1% of players are rich is because they work hard. They didn’t get anything for free. People like Aragottix and Holy are more than willing to spend a grip of money on Cobblestone and Stone Brick at all times, because of their involvement with RP building. Take advantage of them, lol.

One argument is that there are less resources available because of the custom biomes. Although this is not true, I do understand this argument because people don’t want to destroy the landscape that serves as their environment. The farm world not existing is yet another factor for this, because that was it’s main purpose. It unfortunately is not making a return anytime soon however.

So I am somewhat in favor of at least bringing in cobblestone and logs, but only that. The game is meant to be fun, but it’s not meant to be easy.


Besides cobblestone and logs what common resources would you like to see more easily obtainable?


Can i propose an idea?

Much like claim blocks, i think that there should be a resource based reward for play time.

Perhaps half a stack of a random resource (preferably building material) every hour of play for example.

Lemme know what yall think of this:


I like the idea, yet it’s not really immersive; You stand around and randomly 64 oak logs appear in your inventory. If I can figure out a way to make it feel more natural then it would be a brilliant idea.

Loyalty rewards for logging in each day was suggested, but that shares the same problem with vote rewards where you simply log in, get the reward and log back out.

This would certainly be a good difference from that.


I used to play on this server PvP.desteria.net and they had an unlimited shop where you could buy and sell almost any material. You’d have a balance, like dollars, and building material was much more obtainable. It didn’t break the game either. I see this system working better than player run shops. Especially with the small player base

Desteria also has a lot of polished rpg elements that are actually fun.


as the (possibly former) owner of a rather successful shop, I feel I ought to speak here.

The Problems: The economy is broken due to a lack of incentive for wealthier players. On WOA we had a few players (like Ica and Bane) that were driven by some weird desire to acquire as much tradable gear as possible despite the fact that they had more money than they could ever spend. Problem with that is, the desire only goes so far. It’s tough having to spend surprisingly big portions of your time repeating the same grinding procedures to get a reward which at this point you have no real need for. So what we need is a new incentive to make money. How do we do that? I have absolutely no clue. The problem is that the whole point of MC (excluding ofc the more creative) is to get more “stacked”. The problem is that once you get more “stacked” than anyone ever really need be, what’s even the point of grinding 24/7 and selling what you get. Like Theo says

That’s not just the consumers that’s near everyone unless they don’t care about building materials they instead don’t care about survival in general

So instead, the server has to get creative with it. Maybe some sort of competitive aspect like we’ve seen on skyblock (tho that comes with its own flaws as we’ve seen in skyblock). Point is, adding incentive to a game you’ve already “won” is really difficult and creative solutions are necessary.

The Solutions: Not many I’m afraid. The server has to get creative that’s for sure. As Music said you could introduce some sort of server run limitless shop but then you’re getting away from the survival aspect of things. You could add some more competetive aspects like we have in skyblock but as we’ve seen there that comes with its own flaws. I’m not sure on this one but it’s certainly something that can be discussed

On a separate note I do have some more personal solutions for those struggling with a lack of resource. Farms are surprisingly easy to make. I made mine in under a month and as many can attest I am by no means a redstone expert. Youtube is your biggest friend. Plus there is a huge gap in the market right now. I’m refusing to sell any books out of principle, Sam’s too busy with skyblock. That’s the biggest money maker on the server just there ripe for the taking. Mxl and Anth can’t keep up with cobble and wood demand and farms to get those are really easy to make whether you’re selling them, or using just for yourself. Most people could do all this easily in a single player world just the multiplayer aspect of the server makes takin the easy way too tempting. So like just… go for it. I believe in ye. you got dis


I’m heavily opposed to a money plugin. I suggest we just… you know… go mining and chopping? I did like the vote rewards we had at the start, a stack of logs here, stack of stone or wool. That was good and made me vote.


Maybe alongside claim blocks, you gain “mine blocks” or something, where you can go and exchange these “points” for actual building materials. We can have more expensive ones too, like 1 cobble to the cost of ! mine block, 1 oak log costing 5 or whatever, but what do y’all think?




what about we just get off your asses and play the game and mine chop die maybe have some pork then mine chop die and some cake if its friday


what do you think this is? vanilla? xD


You’re one to speak! You were hoarding off of Mxl’s stores just like the rest of us!


i didnt horde and i do still offer some building supplies and some books so not like the rest.


Well fortunately as it happens I’ve actually been planning on getting back into survival, skyblock is getting too easy/boring. I also have some designs for afk tree farms so that wood easily bring tons of extra supply in.
giv me money =)