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This is where you can apply to join Team Allura, the Realm of Allura build team. If you wish to join and reap the benefits, first read the expectations below, then make a new topic according to the template attached! :slight_smile:

Team Allura is the official build team of RoA, where we take the server’s most gifted and hard-working builders and give them the ability to make awesome creations for the server. This can include structures for events, maps for minigames and a whole lot more.

You are to uphold the rules of Realm of Allura at all time.
You must be active on the server.
You must be a part of our Discord, as found here: https://discord.gg/qZSk4yq
If there is an ongoing project assigned by Build Leaders and you are actively on the server, you are expected to contribute to the project.
You are expected to understand that official projects assigned or endorsed by Build Leaders take priority over personal projects.

When you make a new topic here, the application will automatically be copied there for you, but should you need it, copy-paste the application from below:

**About You:**
**Preferred Building Style:**
**Previous Build Team Experience:**
**World Edit Experience:**
**What would you like to learn?:**
**Link to Screenshots:**

#15: Build Server & Events