A little suggestion


I recently (minutes ago lol) had a small brainstorm. Essentially, it was the idea of a seperate like world, generated seperately if not the same generation (for people who have already settled) for specifically roleplayers and for people who would like to seperare themselves from the ‘‘average minecraft player’’ and have higher aspirations for building, such as cities and other amazing builds. Tell me what you guys think of this idea.
And this was not only inspired by the recent running into a few eyesores near a biome me and @Sylvic settled in.
At the moment, some people wish to build more serious builds. And for that, every bit of a biome matters alot. Finding out that someone is in the process of building Legoland just a few dozen blocks from where you just finished your new medieval city can be a really huge turn off.
Luv yall’. :heart:


Isn’t this the purpose of joining the Build Team? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, but this sounds so much like just a ‘‘we want a special world to build in because we special’’ post xD

Also, a list of ‘‘eyesores’’ in your area:

  • An underground base owned by one of your own faction members who actually did a good job at detailing it, but apparently ‘‘it doesn’t fit’’ event though its not accessible 90% of the time.

  • A protected crafting bench in the middle of nowhere. Which you might have made an even bigger eyesore of by surrounding it by snow to ‘‘hide’’ it as if it were just a hill. Disregarding it was standing on a layer of ice.


Perhaps a more feasible (and less expensive) option is to ask staff to open up other areas of the same server/world and gift those to the RP community for their use. I think there can be multiple world borders.

The key is to keep the new areas from becoming just like the rest of the wretched world :tongue:

And now that I think of it even cheaper (and readily available today) option would be to buy enough protection area and set aside a part of the world. Then you control who can interact with or build in the region. Staff might help broker deals to move players/areas that already inhabit the region?


Perhaps a more feasible option is to just deal with it, suck it up buttercup, the world doesn’t revolve around your rp. ;p (Okay yeah a little mean but still)


Hmm. You might need to ask for a super bulk discount. My quick calculation is that a 1000x1000 claim would cost over USD $600.

I don’t recommend starting you own server but it might be cheaper than that :smiley: Haaaa!

So maybe land grants or colonies (the alt world border areas) could be given by the powers that be (staff) to groups (not individuals) of respected community members to self-govern as they see fit.

But donating $600 might also work :wink:

(iirc Martyn did this for mxl once so he could be away from the rest of the world and setup a hermitage.)

So start buttering them up. I recommend staff donations and large claim block purchases to help offset the additional disk cost and overhead.


sounds like you’re just begging staff for some extra claim blocks :wink:


I think sam pretty much said what I wanted to. Likes for you.


Kind of an elitist approach. We aren’t an RP server. We’re a survival server. While we have a whole team dedicated to lore and are super embracing of it, it’s not our main objective. Having extra worlds just puts more and more strain on the server, and considering the fact we already want to add in somewhere for the build team we’re stretching the limits of what we can afford and what our server can handle.

My suggestion would be to set up internal rules within your faction and do it that way, keep tabs on what your people are building and rule with an iron fist.

Maybe in future we can have an RP exclusive world, but we don’t have the capacity now.


Yea was more or less just a little idea that popped up. Never really expected any serious changes to the server.
Glad to hear all your opinions tho. :wink:


Yeah, it was one of those ‘‘brilliant’’ shat ideas he gets at random moments over short urges of excitement or irritation x3


tok ti ga bom zagrabu da bo kr spricnl vn <3


Ne pa ne ker ti nebom pustuuuuu…

@staff close pls xD