#9: Upgrade & Feature Balancing



We are happy to announce the successful transfer of our server network to betting hosting, with owed thanks towards all of you who contribute, both by donating and voting. Our new host provides better security features, more space for expansion and a noticeable decrease of lag. There were not many teething issues with this transfer, besides voting sites needing to be reset, but as from today everything is correctly hooked back up as desired.

Now, with more professional hosting in our arsenal it opened up the topic of balance. We have only been open for a little under a month now, and these few weeks have served as an ‘extended beta’ for us developers, since players are now pushing the server to its limitations.

One thing that has been very noticeable is the amount of claim blocks people have earned. From the developer stand point we knew that we had buffed the claim block amount gained too much, but due to player demand we satisfied this request because we acknowledged the fact that our small community had big plans and needed help, so we gave that. Now however, the community is very rich in claim blocks and it is time to balance this out, right in time to announce our new feature: rank-based gained claim blocks. As from this update the gained claim blocks per hour has been updated as follows:

Member 100 Claim Blocks per hour
Expert 125 Claim Blocks per hour
Master 150 Claim Blocks per hour
Heroic 175 Claim Blocks per hour
Legend 200 Claim Blocks per hour
Mythic 250 Claim Blocks per hour

Claim blocks will no longer be offered within our Rank donation packages, in favor of Claim Block donation packages, which now offer double the amount of claim blocks for the same cost. This decision was made to balance out the new gained claim blocks per hour feature, that many players (including fellow staff) have requested.

Vote tokens were also something offered within Rank donation packages as an add-on, but have also been removed in favor of Vote Token kits. As from this update all donors can simply type /kit <rank> to receive addition vote tokens. You can use this kit once a week, meaning overall you will be receiving a lot more free vote tokens than you did before. Players can use these kits in both the Survival and SkyBlock servers.

/kit Expert 1 Vote Tokens
/kit Master 2 Vote Tokens
/kit Heroic 5 Vote Tokens
/kit Legend 10 Vote Tokens
/kit Mythic 15 Vote Tokens

A few players complained about the rank upgrade process being too complicated or not obvious on our server shop. Since vote tokens and gained claim blocks are no longer a part of rank donation packages there is no longer a problem of accumulation, which was the reason for separate upgrade categories. As a result the server shop is a lot easier to understand and use now. Those with the Mythic rank can still however further upgrade in a
separate category to receive more shops, homes or plots however.

The sky goddess herself has granted us modified cobblestone generator mechanics where materials created are now smooth stone and ores, instead of simply cobblestone. This should make for island expansion a lot more interesting!

rank donation package has received access to a new biome for their island: Nether
Mythic rank donation package has received access to a new biome for their island: Mushroom Island


If we already got the claim blocks from our rank do we keep those? Cause I am using almost all of mine. Or does it balance out with the buff to the hamlet package? Also, if our claims were nerfed do I get a refund if someone steals all my stuff?


Everyone keeps what they’ve earned, yes. You guys are the original players, after all. :slight_smile:


Appreciated :slight_smile:


This is great! However, there is one thing that irks me. When we first came out with the rank concept i remember staff saying things were never going to be removed from the rank perks, only added. Aside from that, I like all the new things : D


Correct. That was said and we were wrong to say that. However, no perks obtained by those who purchased rank donation packages prior to this update have been removed. We still have only added more. All ranks still got their vote tokens and claim blocks on initial purchase. But yeah, I won’t deny or ignore your comment.

The bottom line is that we have upgraded our server to a new host and now look to expand. We have our loyal playerbase, which we provided as many perks as possible for. Like explained in the update things did need to be balanced and as a result this was the first hard update to write. I can’t foresee perks being removed from rank donation packages again (besides if a plugin no longer works).