#8: SkyBlock Expansion & Some Additions



So, I’m going to fly right into the update.

Those with a rank donation package will notice that they now have the ability to extend their island further than previously allowed. By default everyone has a region that has dimensions of 100x100, but now with this update Experts have 120x120, Masters have 140x140, Heroics have 160x160, Legends have 180x180 and Mythics have 200x200. This of course applies to the owner of the SkyBlock island, so if you are planning to team up with someone it might be a good idea to team up with someone with a higher rank than yourself!

You may notice that sponges are not naturally found anywhere within the Realm of Allura, but don’t you worry! A very clever otter by the name of @Icalave has invented artificial sponges and has willingly given out his secret on how to make them.

Got any unwanted visitors in your survival claim? No problem. Player can now give any visitor (besides trusted members of the claim and staff members) a firm kick out of the area. Where they will end up really depends on the size of your claim, but in the most part this kick should work as a good deterrent to players trying to cause you a hindrance without need of staff involvement. All players can use this ability, which comes in two forms: /kickfromclaim <player> and it’s alias: /kfc <player>. Linger kicking good! (Hey @Claire88c, do I get a promotion for that line?)

Reducing lag is always a struggle for any server, especially with increased users. So whenever possible, we like to make use of lag reducing methods. Mob Stack is one such plugin, that merges certain mobs together into clusters. This plugin is very configurable, so please provide us with feedback with how it works out for you. You’re the one actually playing survival, so your feedback is very important. Mob Stack is in affect right now!

To further reduce lag for the server it is a good practice to use water stream mechanisms instead of hoppers, which are one of the main causes of Minecraft server lag. Furthermore, if you absolutely have to use hoppers it wouldn’t hurt to place a furnace on top of your hoppers. The reason for this is because hoppers use a mechanic where it checks for item entities in proximity to it every tick. Furnaces prevent this because of it’s own checking mechanism in place that simply override the hopper’s checking of item entities. If you need help in making your redstone contraptions less laggy some of our staff are very knowledgeable of this type of redstone optimization. Just ask!

You may notice that on typing /help you no longer see the familiar long incomprehensible list of plugin commands and help topics within the survival server. Instead, you will see a GUI with fancy buttons, icons and pretty colors! (Ooo!) This GUI is a work in progress, so some items simply won’t work as you may presume them to. If you do need help and the Help GUI does not provide the information you need our friendly staff are always available to help or point you in the right direction. Like I said, this feature is currently under development, but be free to send in your Bug Reports via the support section of the website. The other servers do not have a Help GUI yet, but will soon.

You may have noticed a new addition to the vote rewards available when offering up your Vote Tokens. Wait, you didn’t? Oh, well OK, I guess I will buff that then… One moment please… hits Holy Man with a wrench… OK. Path Tokens are now available as a semi-rare vote reward. Path Tokens are given out like any other vote reward, but instead you can exchange it back with the Holy Man at survival spawn (at any time) to receive a random teleport. A ‘New Path’. So, if you are looking for a new spot to call home in the world, or just want to help out a new player, Path Tokens are the tool you can use to do so! Path Tokens are a physical item, so as expected you can collect them, steal them, sell them or lose them.

Also at survival spawn within the grounds of the Clairethedral we have started to erect player statues to commemorate their statistics. As of right now we only have two statistics displayed, those being the player with the most votes and the player who has donated the most. In the future we plan to display further player statues of other statistics and achievements worthy of mentioning.

And that’s it. Thanks for reading!



You can get path tokens with the starter kit command. Might want to patch that.
dammit why did I tell you now I can’t exploit it


You can only do that kit once though.


Hits holy man with a wrench xDDD


Like Camo said, you can only get the StarterKit once.


Ok ;-;


I laughed so hard when I did /kit starter and found out it’s a texture of a rabbit foot oh god :laughing: