#7: End Portals & Some Changes



So, this is the first update since public opening and I must say minus a couple of bugs and minor issues everything has ran very smoothly! Thank you for your incredible patience. We have had an average of 15+ people online at all hours of the day, which is pretty incredible. Your dedication to the community has been very motivating for everyone involved in developing the server. We still have a whole lot of plans in the works, don’t you worry!

Voting for the server is now possible. By using the /vote command you will be provided a list of websites where you can vote for Realm of Allura. In return you will receive a Vote Token in-game. Just make sure you are online when you vote to avoid any issues. Vote Tokens were exchangeable at /hub initially, but this has since changed to the survival server /spawn instead, since we were having linking issues between the two servers. Upon teleporting to survival server spawn you will be relocated to inside of a beautiful cathedral (built by @Claire88c herself). You can offer your Trade Tokens with the Holy Man behind the altar in exchange for blessings in form of potion effects, resources, claim blocks and more!

A common request of players was craftable end portals, so everyone could access the end dimension with ease. Well here is the recipe! You will receive three end portal frames. Of course you will still have to provide you own eyes of ender in order to make a complete end portal.

But aren’t end portal frames indestructible, I hear you ask? No problem. All end portal frames, including those which spawn naturally, are obtainable by use of a silk touch enchanted diamond pickaxe. So that way if you place your end portal frame incorrectly you can amend it relatively easily.

We are also happy to announce the promotion of @SpikeTheDawg66 to Helper. So make sure you push him to the limitations of his sanity! No, seriously, treat him nicely since we don’t know how responsive his new ban hammer is! Haha.

For your convenience those with the Heroic rank donation package or above are now able to edit signs that have already been placed. To toggle edit signs on simply type /es, where then you can edit signs simply by right clicking, while crouching.

Thank you again for your continued support to the server. Without your donations it would really make it difficult for us to maintain the server to its full potential. A server upgrade is already planned for the near future, because of the financial help provided. To show our appreciation we have a Wall of Donors here on our website.


Congratulations @SpikeTheDawg66!


Congrats spike! :,)


Congrats, Spike!


recruits spike, 3 days later becomes staff, got a gift im tellin ya. also congrats spikelysparks


Congratulations spike! :smiley:


Congrats spike


Question: Are there biomes with Endstone in the overworld? Otherwise it makes it kind of a Catch-22 needing a block from the place you want access to, unless of course there are biomes with endstone.

Thanks again for all of the dedication and hard work, as the rather expedited launch shows just how much you guys care about the preservation of our community :slight_smile:.


There are no overworld biomes with endstone, but i’ll hook you up with an end to anytime.


Guess i might need to make a new biome


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!


you’re welcome :wink:


@hannersbananers did you draw these? Theyre amazing


That does look a lot like her art style


Ikr, its briliant


I did! Thank you for noticing! More coming soon :slight_smile: