#6: Going Live!



Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my greatest pride and pleasure to announce:


That’s right! It’s been a long time coming but we finally have everything we need to do away our whitelist and spread our wings, opening the server in its (relatively) final version to the world! We’re going to be 100% open, and you will have access to EVERYTHING, our beautiful custom generation survival (complete with custom nether), Skyblock, and our creative plots world. (More will come in time, of course)

So, if you want to join us on opening day, use the link below to work out the time in your time zone (Note this is when the hub will open):


The Hub server will be opening 30 minutes before the other 3 servers (Survival, Skyblock and Plots), so you’ll be able to chat with staff and ask any questions before the real fun begins.

and to all of you who can’t update to 1.12, @Darth_Creeper, for example, you’ll be able to join us too as we’ll be backwards compatible with minecraft 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11

Keep in mind that there might still be some bugs to squash, so if you find any be sure to let us know, and not everything will be completely finished (i.e voting won’t be up for another week)

I’d like to thank everyone who has dedicated so much time and energy into getting this server up and running.

@Icalave and @ironly for all your hours of config work
@Inipotbelly for your website backend knowledge
@Hannersbananers for your ideas and your art (The logo is incredible)
@ShinyNate and @Siilvarra for leading our amazing builders
@Mxlppl for his additional biomes
@AvoidingCollege for her quick thinking and ideas

And also a huge shout-out to our amazing @builders, who worked hard building our custom dungeons and working on the many, many spawns, and to all our awesome beta testers who helped us squash bugs, and put the server to the test, and to our incredible donors who have already shown their support.

As a thank you gift, everything in the RoA Shop will be 20% off for 1 week after opening (starting the 5th) anyone who has already purchased anything will be getting that given to them again.

We couldn’t have done this without YOU @everyone, and we’d like to thank you all for sticking with us, and we hope you have an incredible time here at Realm of Allura. (if you have any questions, let us know)



Well you’ve got my

Dates not ideal for me but I guess ya can’t please everyone. can’t wait till release day


From here, we now know RoA mascot :smiley:
Here’s a cookie for your hard work :cookie:



Lol you spelt @Mxlppxl’s name wrong.


Thank you fixed it now :slight_smile:


Big shout out to all staff, admins, devs, testers, helpers, critics, fans, donators, detractors, contractors, builders, dreamers, posters, and trolls for all your hard work and @-everyone :wink: else for keeping the community alive!

Super excited and totally hoping to make it alive and well for the opening. If not, I’ll catch y’all online and start bumming melons and saplings per usual! :smile:

Also: sweet logo!


Pekka what time zone you in? how did we lie its the 5th for most places


NZ… GMT+12. It’s like only 7 hours off being the 7th. Yeah, sorry Ica, Claire etc., it was apparently bad humour. Wasn’t actually annoyed.


Dude you’re only 2 hours ahead of me. and it’s 3am my time. it would be 5am GMT+12 (I’m GMT +10) You’re not being funny you’re being wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


since its backwards compatible to 1.9, does that mean we can’t use anything from after 1.9?
Nevermind just read discord, seems good to me


Am I? Website I checked was wrong goes ahead and blames everything but himself. OK, I am wrong. Sorry guys, misread website. Not funny, won’t do again. Please don’t ban me

I really deserve an award for digging myself into holes. HashtagPekkaForDarwinAward


Wohoo! the logo though looks freaking awesome! :3


I approve.

Love the phoenix too! I also like how there’s a 30 min. delay, too. Gives me time who to team-explore with.

The one thing I don’t like: Waiting.


I love you Ica and Claire :kissing_heart: @Icalave @Claire88c


On the 5th? … idk what messed up humor the universe has to keep putting things I love on the same date with things I hate, like that test I have on the same day.


Perhaps the universe was in fact doing you a favor by not providing you with a distraction before your important test. Have fun revising :wink:


First imma need to find a relatively flat island…


@Aragottix runescape Menaphos expansion came out on the 5th june… the same day I started my Uni exams :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


unless I did this wrong…server opens at 2am for me