#5: Server Upgrade & Donations



Thank you all for your continued patience. The staff and build teams have been working constantly to get everything set up as smooth and quickly as possible. With help from your continued donations we have been able to upgrade the server, which will be the reason for some outages and downtime tomorrow. After the upgrade is complete the development team will be able to start work on organizing and configuring BungeeCord, which will result in a lot of bugs between worlds being fixed, also making future configurations a lot easier for us.

We also wish to use the opportunity to provide a shout out for our donators to date. So a big thank you to BaneOfOmen, inipotbelly, Mxlppxl, Matspls, HeroSlayerX, ImmCrez, SpikeTheDawg66, Crispy_Toast_, samcv, peytonpuffle, Firestorm1138, tommy1985, HeatherCee, Geometric_Fox, bluekelp, Darth_Creeper, iamlami, ProfessorPekka, and PaleTwink.

Special shout out to Sylvic, who not only donated, but also donated to our ‘Staff Fund’. This really means a lot to us, since a lot of us are sacrificing a lot of time into this project.


Will this (bug fixes between worlds) make my map realise that spawn creative survival and slyblock are different worlds, or is that at my end?


keep up the good work bois


Good job y’all!


Sylvic is such a wonderful person!


its called courtesy to show politeness towards people who spend alot of hours just so u can play an online game.




Hey, wait, someone changed my post… That’s… Kinda scary that the staff team can do that.


So are you Inceptus, don’t worry. And the staff need perms like that for reasons like that.


Wow, staff did that? xD I thought you had a change of heart just then… never mind.


Yours wasn’t the only post I modified. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have modified your post to be totally off character for you, but it seemed humorous at the time. Well, looks like I stopped the flame war from starting. Another day of peace in the Realm of Allura. vanish

wibble (Lami giggles to himself)


Sly little staff…


Oh no… I see a spree of staff editing everyone else’s posts ensuing… Lami just changed Jon’s… Someone will change this quick, screenshot it etc…


I liked Syl’s original reply better x3