#4: Server Shop



Sorry it took so long, but we finally have a server shop for donations open and ready for you to spend your hard-earned cash on! Not only will you be able to access rank-specific perks you will be able to obtain additional claim blocks. This opening is an important milestone towards public release, which is rapidly coming upon us. Please note that not all perks are finalized and some will be modified in time. If we do make any changes to the perk list it will only be in the form of additions, never subtractions.

It has been decided that claim blocks will be reverted to zero on public release, but as a compromise we will be offering the Hamlet claim block donation package for free, for a limited time. “Well what’s the point of donating if you’re going to reset my claim blocks to zero?” I hear you ask. Well, on public release ALL commands issued by our server shop will be resent meaning that everything you obtain from our server shop before public release will be given back to you automagically (well if you consider clicking buttons magic). There are undoubtedly going to be a few teething issues while we get everything sorted out, but as long as you keep us updated with problems (by use of our Support feature) we can fix everything as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

You can visit the server shop at http://shop.realmofallura.com

We wish to again thank you all for your continued support and patience.



claims hamlet [:'D


i’m guessing perks havn’t been added yet :wink:


Question: How do I know I received the pack? It told me it’ll notify me at least 15 minutes after I log on, and ive spent a good two hours on there building and didn’t notice anything.

09.06 11:41:57 [Server] INFO [GriefPrevention] world: x-xxx, z-zzz (-81 blocks)
09.06 11:41:58 [Server] INFO [GriefPrevention] 3162 blocks from play + 3125 bonus = 6287 total.
09.06 11:41:58 [Server] INFO [GriefPrevention] Claims:
09.06 11:41:58 [Server] INFO [GriefPrevention]  = 6206 blocks left to spend

The Hamlet package just provides you with 3125 claim blocks, which you were given. Type /claimslist.


Some have been, but just not listed. :slight_smile:


It said on Discord the perms/perks had been finalised. Can they be listed please?


They have NOT been finalized. If I could list them, I would. I had plans to add the known ones yesterday, but instead had a list of bugs to fix, which unfortunately take priority.


Welp… Ok then


I’m assuming this is why I had /ec the first day I bought heroic, and didn’t the next day…?


I took enderchest off for all ranks, until we set up Bungee. Enderchests can be used for many inventory transfer exploits.


Ahh, okay. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: