#2: Plug.dj



We are happy to introduce you to our official plug.dj channel for Realm of Allura. For those who are not familiar, plug.dj is an interactive online social music streaming website. With plug.dj we are able to take turns on playing what music we like from SoundCloud and YouTube. You can even customize your avatar with a wide range of choices that you unlock more of the longer you play.

Plug.dj is a third-party website, unaffiliated with Realm of Allura, so please understand that even though we have a presence on plug.dj we are not responsible for what may happen on the website. Many of our members of staff here on Realm of Allura do participate within our plug.dj channel, but they only have limited abilities and time to avoid questionable content being displayed. That being said our rules do apply on all Realm of Allura associated media, which means if you do break our community rules on plug.dj it will affect your standing within Realm of Allura as a whole.

Plug.dj may serve host to community events in the future, so please get yourself associated with it as soon as possible to avoid requiring to learn how to use it during a busy event, which would mean you might miss out.


We know, though. I mean, this is fantastic that it’s announced on the forums, but isn’t everyone on the forums also from Discord? I mean, I may (probably) be wrong, but it kinda seems that way.


This is referring to Plug.dj, not Discord?


I think he means that the news and updates are already on discord, so why bother putting it here also?


Yeah, if everyone sees it on Discord anyway.


forums are better


This post … is also used for the main site, where you see News & Updates also …
however now i’m curious, how many of you have visited the main site ?


When the server goes live the forum will most likely be the first place new players find from the website and then join discord later so to me it seems the right thing to put it on the forums.

It’s only cos most of us were in discord before the forums were up and running that we have more in discord than forums.


The way it’s supposed to happen is things are posted on our website (http://realmofallura.com), which posts updates automatically here on the forums. That link is then shared on Discord, in the announcements there. So really, the update is written once and just ‘shared’.

A new player is going to discover the website first, forums second, Discord third (like Imp pointed out). And some players prefer to use forums only to Discord. So pretty much, updates need to be on all platforms.


I did.


I have too. Looks nice.


I visit the main site sometimes and scroll way down to the bottom to stare at that old render of my town before the 3rd reset. I never really cared about that image before, but having it there… and how the buildings spread from town… and that boat just sitting there so inconspicuously on the shore so isolated… with the railway going zig-zag across the fields… it somehow looks magical. Brings back memories.

Btw @ironly, can you PM me that render? I don’t seem to have it, ive looked.


Sure can.