#19: Autumn Sale!



Hey guys! We have an update for you, for this fall period. A couple tweaks have been made to various features within the network, but before we get down to that I’ll first announce our Autumn Sale. As from now until November 1st all rank and rank upgrade donation packages are being discounted by 20%! But there’s more! Claim block donation packages and World Edit packages are being reduced further by 30%. In case you weren’t aware you can access our donation shop by accessing shop.realmofallura.com.

Vote Tokens and Tokens Tweak
Vote Tokens and their rewards are always an item of debate within the community unfortunately, but they are in the process of a major overhaul to simplification. To balance out the removal of the previously despised resource packs a new separate 'token' has been added as well as more claim block vote rewards. There has also been a minor change to the tokens themselves in form of appearance, which consequently means any old tokens need to be replaced with their new variants. This can easily be done via ChestShop not too far from where tokens are usually offered

SkyBlock Modifications
SkyBlock teams have now been extended according to rank. This means you are no longer limited to four members if you have the Heroic or Mythic which allow six or eight members respectively.

  • The hopper limit has also been changed from 250 to 1000.
  • Diamond blocks, enchantment tables, emerald blocks, enderchests have had their values nerfed.
  • Ores have had their values buffed.

Island sizes have been further extended:

  • Expert 120 to 140
  • Master 140 to 180
  • Heroic 160 to 220
  • Legend 180 to 360
  • Mythic 200 to 400

SkyBlock Shop Additions
Granite, andesite and diorite, ice, packed ice, shulker shell, vines have been added to SkyBlock shops. We have also added a new shop to SkyBlock called the Mystic shop. Here you can purchase perks with in-game currency. There are a lot more plans in the works for this shop in the future, but for now that will remain a mystic mystery.

New SkyBlock Commands

  • /Shop - Available to Master Rank and above. Allows you to access shops by GUI without needing to visit SkyBlock spawn.
  • /Sell Hand - Available to All. Allows you to sell whatever is in your hand to the shop without needing to visit SkyBlock spawn.
  • /Sell All - Available to Heroic Rank and above. Allows you to sell everything in your inventory without needing to visit SkyBlock spawn.
  • /Pay - Available to All. Allows you trade money to others relatively easily.
  • /Pay * - Available to All. Allows you trade money to everyone relatively easily.
  • /Bal - Available to All. Allows you to check your balance.
  • /BalTop - Available to All. Allows you to check the balance of other players.

Staff Team Changes
Following @hannersbananers resignation we have decided to promote @inipotbelly in replacement. @HeatherCee has additionally been introduced into the staff team, who not only will be a Helper for the community, but will also be assisting with art related projects for the community.


  • The party room's drop party chest cost has been reduced from 9 diamonds to 1 diamond.
  • The party room barmaids and the Token Collector have had their fireworks diffused due to them harming players.