#17: Keystone Portals



I want to introduce this update first off with an expression of gratitude towards @bluekelp, who is fully responsible for making this feature happen. Keystone Portals is a feature added to the survival world that allows players to create and use custom portals that are accessible by a combination code made up by in-game items. Portals are customize-able in the sense that their frame can be built up by a number of different blocks, including:

  • Quartz Block, Quartz Pillar, Chiseled Quartz, Quartz Stair
  • Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone, Sandstone Stair
  • Red Sandstone, Red Smooth Sandstone, Red Chiseled Sandstone, Red Sandstone Stair
  • Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Brick, Stone Brick Stair
  • Purpur Block, Purpur Pillar, Purpur Stair
  • Netherbrick Block, Netherbrick Stair
All portals require a Gold Block at the top and bottom of each portal. Here are a few example portals:

Keystone Portals are activated by use of a new custom item, named the ‘Keystone Portal Igniter’. This is a craftable item that is consumed on creation of a portal. There is also a chance of you obtaining this item as a vote reward. To actually make this item the recipe is as follows:

To actually activate a portal you simply right click with the item on the bottom gold block of the portal. This is what the GUI and the Keystone Portal Igniter look like in-game:

Even though you can create unlimited portal igniters there is a limit to how many portals you can actually create.

Member: 2
Expert: 5
Master: 8
Heroic: 11
Legend: 14
Mythic: 17
Tier 1: 20
Tier 2: 23
Tier 3: 26

Fallback Server
We now have a fallback option for players kicked by a server restart. Instead of being potentially stuck in server limbo all should now be diverted to the hub server in this circumstance. This is so players can still be present on the network when updates are being made to the various servers without getting a (somewhat rude) kick. This means you will no longer have to move to another server when we update an individual server, since this will be taken care of automatically.

Players are now able to connect to the network with 1.12.2 (including anything from 1.9 upward). The only exception to this is the survival server, which is still on 1.12 due to the update still being in development.

As a note all brewery reconfiguration mentioned in #16 have now been applied. All barrels are now rendered useless, so please ‘destroy’ them if you haven’t already by removing the sign attached. You will notice that any brews you left within the barrels should spill out. Whether or not they are worth drinking though is another question!

Voting Milestone Reward
As from this update there is now an additional milestone reward for voting, meaning each time you vote 150 times you receive a Support Token. We wish to thank you all for all your continued support and hope you enjoy your new (limited) access to these fabled items.

Custom Prefixes
We have added a new donation rank package to help bring in some additional funding for the server. This donation rank package, named ‘Patron’, allows you simply to choose your own custom prefix. This new rank is directly above Mythic and therefore inherits all Mythic perks. Custom prefixes are limited to 3-10 characters, letters only. Color codes are disabled.

Rank Upgrades
As well as keystones being added as a tier upgrade for those with the Mythic rank (and now for those with the Patron rank too) we have also added an additional upgrade ability for the Patron rank. Not only can those with the Patron rank choose a custom prefix on purchase they can change it whenever they like upon purchase of a prefix change donation package.


I checked the shop, what’s the Portal Upgrade Tier?


Portal Upgrade Tier 1, 2 and 3 give you access to create more portals, as listed here:


I’m very happy to have our beloved portals back!

Huge shout out to @ironly for all his help testing and making recommendations. We have a much better plugin as a result!


Can someone make a public wither skeleton farm like the enderman one? Nether stars are way too expensive for 1 per portal. Can the igniter have unlimited durability, or can we use flint and steel like on WoA?


Keystone Portal Igniters can be both crafted or won as a vote reward. They will always only have one use.


And I who wanted to finally be able to teleport…


We could help each other


They’re still new and rare but figured I’d start a public list of portal combos. I think the combo for the spawn cathedral is public but will wait for Jón to chime in on that.

…So if you want to visit my sky tower, head to spawn and around the back of the altar, to the portal located there. Enter it and then enter the combo of ‘melon slice, melon slice, melon slice’ and you’ll have your wish.