#16: Brewing Reconfiguration



Brewing, which was released with #13: Party Update, was released somewhat prematurely without much consideration of game balancing, server resources or vanilla game mechanics. This was my fault, and I apologize. Due to this I must announce that brewing is going to be nerfed slightly. The reasons in detail are as follows:

  • Barrels could be considered a 'crafting structure' in a similar way to a crafting table, anvil or enchanting table. By introducing a crafting structure into the survival server it would be pushing the survival server towards 'modded', which is not what we intended to do. We want the survival server to remain an 'enhanced' survival server, not a modded one.
  • Barrels require a lot of work from the server itself, in regards to checking the contents of each active barrel. The more barrels that are created means more work the server would have to do, even more so if a player decides to leave their drinks in a barrel indefinitely.
With that being said it should be fairly obvious that the main problem is barrels themselves, which consequently are going to be removed entirely. Since a lot of recipes are reliant on aging of drinks within barrels the drink recipe list has been changed to reflect this. As a compromise some new recipes have been added, as well as some additional 'complications' to still make the brewing process an enjoyable one.

I will not be applying this change to the survival server right away, since many players are storing their drinks inside the barrels that will soon be disabled. On implementation of the updated recipe list I am unsure whether or not the effects of your drinks will remain. There is a fail-safe method in which drinks revert to something similar (based on ingredients used), but this does not mean that some drinks may not potentially be deemed useless. Names and lore should remain however, if you wish to simply store your old drinks for nostalgia’s sake.

Drink Recipe Fundamentals
All recipes, upon implementation, will require 3 base ingredients of the same type. Additional ingredients can also be added alongside the 3 base ingredients to make different drinks. This is replacing the method before where you only needed 3 ingredients period. This system also allows for more flexibility and more drink recipes to be added in the future without needing to potentially reconfigure the whole recipe list.

Drinks you plan to distill now require 5 base ingredients of the same type, meaning you can’t simply distill beer to make whiskey anymore, for example. The reasons for this are both realistic and practical and are as follows:

  • Distillation is the process of eliminating waste and ensuring purity. This means you would need more ingredients to create the same amount of drink not requiring distillation.
  • Distilled drinks should simply be more expensive to create, since they are more potent after all.
Distillation will take notably longer than it did before, but can only be performed once now to better reflect vanilla mechanics.

Drink Tokens
Drink Tokens will still be exchangeable for drinks at the Party Room. Since the recipe list is to be changed the drinks offered by the barmaids will be different also, but there will be some additional uncraftable drinks offered, including some of the drinks from the old recipe list.

Final Words
I do want to thank the community for their support over this update, which I did spend a lot of time configuring. I received countless compliments and questions regarding this piece of content and it appealed to a much larger audience than I was first anticipating. I apologize that brewing had to be nerfed this much, but I do believe the new recipes to be a lot more realistic and practical. Perhaps in time we will be able to bring back barrels within an additional role-play and/or modded server. Time will tell.


Sounds good, great work!