#15: Build Server & Events




Hello everyone, Siilvarra here. I’m happy to announce the opening of the build server, headed up by myself (@Siilvarra) and Nate (@ShinyNate)! We’ve made some changes to how things will be done, but we think this will all work much better than before.

How will the build server work? Well, the server will be open for all to visit as guests, though they will have no building capability on the server. If you wish to build, you will need to apply for access, much like in the past. For those who want to join the build team, you need to fill in this application!

After completing the application, one of the build team leaders will come speak to you and you will be given an assignment to test your ability further, so we can further assess you and see where you excel and where we can work to improve you. Depending upon the result, you will then be accepted to join the build team.

For those that are currently builder rank, don’t worry, you will be keeping your position, we are not kicking you out of the team. But, we will be implementing a rank system with each successive rank giving increased rights with tools such as World Edit, as well as a limited capacity for administrative task as well. Only the highest ranking will be authorised to start projects.

These ranks are entirely earned through a player’s merit and cannot be purchased. Earning a rank requires dedication, skill, and a desire to get stuck in more. These ranks will only be given out to those who deserve them and come with responsibility.

There are some much needed improvements to make things that much easier for builders to not only build, but to stay a part of the wider community. It will be part of our larger server group, so you can chat across servers, much like you can between all the current worlds!

We have also added a plethora of additional tools;

  • GoPaint allows you to change over blocks with a paintbrush and other tools.
  • GoBrush allows us use height maps to make terrain and manipulate it much easier
  • Citizens gives us ability to work with NPC’s with great flexibility, helping bringing creations alive.
  • And more!
We already have a few projects lined up for you to sink your teeth into, both small and large for the server and in the long term, we hope to be making it more available to outside requests for work, supplying a constant, steady stream of tasks for people to get into.

All of this will go live next Saturday, September 16th!

Now, I will hand you over to my colleague Preston (aka @SpikeTheDawg66, international dabbing expert) for the second half of the announcement.



As you might have noticed, attendance has been down on the server lately, and we decided to brainstorm some ideas to bring people back on to the server. We’ve decided to begin hosting events every two weeks to keep the hype up and our community base strong.

Each event is going to be hosted by a different staff member, so there will be 10 unique events, plus special events that correspond with Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and the Server Anniversary!

The first event is going to be on September 30th, and will be hosted by me, @SpikeTheDawg66. This event is going to be a Spleef Tournament, and will have multiple arenas created by members of our amazing build team, Team Allura!

We will have a bracket style tournament setup with both 2 players and 3+ player style setup. There will be prizes for the best players of the 2 player tournament, so keep that in mind.

Prizes will be:

  • 1st Place: One Rank Upgrade, 20 Vote Tokens, and 10,000 Claim Blocks
  • 2nd Place: 10 Vote Tokens, 5,000 Claim Blocks
  • 3rd Place: 5 Vote Tokens, 2,500 Claim Blocks
For another fun aspect of this tournament, there will be a fantasy football style bracket for the 2 player tournament that players can fill out to try and guess who will win each round. The player who creates the best bracket will also receive One Rank Upgrade!

If you wish to be a competitor in the tournament, please fill out this form by September 27th so we can release a bracket to those wishing to compete in the bracket competition.

We look forward to more events in the future, and can’t wait for the fun day ahead of us!

Thank you again for playing on Realm of Allura, and we thank you for your continued interest in us :smiley:


Well since no one else has replied and This feels empty I’m just gonna do this :1st_place_medal:



hops on bandwagon


Hopefully my pc should be fixed tomorrow then I can build :smiley:


And please make sure guys to fill out this form if you want to participate in the 2 player Spleef Tournament!!!


What time will the event take place?


On the 30th


my dungeon event will happen eventually for those that think they are badasses at killing mobs


But what time on the 30th?