#14: Top Voters of August



We are happy to announce the voters of the month! The following voters will be receiving a rank upgrade, since they tied. Many congratulations to you all.

@the_wired, @Lukie and @WastefulImp749. You voted at every possible opportunity. Many thanks to you (and everyone) who voted. It really does help get our community out there!

So guys, keep voting and just like here you too could get a rank upgrade!


Big Thank you to everyone who voted and congratz to the winners :3

Good Luck to everyone this month <3


Thank you for the rank upgrade. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it soon. (As soon as I get a replacement hard drive)…


Congratulations @the_wired, @Lukie, and @WastefulImp749!


His laptop’s hard drive developed a slight clock malfunction :smiley: (ticks a bit too much)


Thank you ! :slight_smile: